Friday, May 25, 2012

American Idol 11 Finals

May 25, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Takes Home the Runner Up Title

It was a breath-taking event on the American Idol finals. Even with variety of mouthful impressive intermissions from top 10 AI finalists (more like a reminiscing jolly reunion, that is) and from various well-known past and present performers, people are still weary of the big day's event.

As though time literally stopped when Ryan Seacrest announced the long waited winner of American Idol Season 11. With a new record of 132 million votes came in to support the two finalist, it is once again a record breaking deal for the show, especially, a lot of rival shows such as X- factor, America Got Talent and among others surfaced just to keep up with audience demand for talent search.

Sadly, Filipino-Mexican favourite, Jessica Sanchez's fans were not able to steal over the numerous votes against Philip Phillips.

It was believed that during the finals, Philip is not feeling well that he has to lean and sit from time to time. He even was not able perform well his victory song as confetti pour down because he was a bit emotional to have been named as the recent American Idol.

For most Jessica's fans and supporters who never failed to watch and attend voting party session in support for her, they are still hoping that not winning the American Idol title would still open more doors of opportunities for her believing that she have that awesomely amazing talent.

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A Evening of Wackiness 

3....,< photos sharing img>
Title: Getting Silly with my iPad and Toddler
Date: may 25, 2012

Shot from iPad2's default camera app. 

Daddy, mom and son go crazy with these silly iPad photos using Facetime App which is readily available in an iPad iOS.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dole Banana Dippers


Date : may 21, 2012
Subtitle: Sweet Dole Offerings Made Sweeter in Midst of China's Stand-off

    Desc: Like the famous chips, "You can't have enough in one bite"... This time, it is a healthy treat! At first, taste is a bit different but as you eat more, you will taste more of the perfectly oozing sweet taste of the chocolate and banana. 

    A few days later after reports emerges that China has intentionally rejected (allegedly threw) tons of bananas exported to China, Dole Philippines Inc. distributed boxes of Dole products as prizes to the company's yearly 'Friendship Games'. Surprisingly, a processed banana was included in the pack of give-aways(aside from the usual, different pineapple products). Almost everyone who were able to taste the 'Dole Banana Dippers', are all excited and thrilled with a new twist Dole made with the ordinary Filipino fruit. Coated with well- balanced sweet chocolate, and neatly packed on a classy packaging; it may be a brilliant idea to somehow answer to China's  explicit public expression regading Scarborough Shore dispute. 

    There were students from an international school, Dole Philippine School, who tweeted and posted shout-outs about how crazy they are with Dole Banana Dippers. Surely, parents don't have to be too imposing in letting their children eat heathier food, like fruits. 

    Many of those who were able to try Dole Banana Dippers are hoping that the product will now soon be available in the Philippines as well. 

    Let us all spread about the Dole Banana Dipper in love, and who knows? Dole might be able to hear us...

Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Final 2 Contenders Are:

Subtitle: Filipino and Mexican Pride to Compete the American Idol Finals
Date: may 18, 2012

Yes! Another reason why we should be proud why we are Filipinos. Jessica Sanchez finally made it to the coveted top 2 of the first and largest singing competition in the United Staes of America. Along with Ms. Sanchez, heart rob and rock-crooner Philip Phillips will compete for the title as the next American Idol. 

Sadly, Joshua's votes was not enough to bring him up to top 2. He was once been an under dog but raised himself up which judges noticed as he reached top12. He often belted as if he was a male Aretha Franklin.

Now, that only the finest contenders bids for the title, everyone wonders if it's now time to a Filipino pride to sing her way out to the 'Hollywood' dream. let us all just see about that on the final night...

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day


Date: may 13 , 2012
Title: Best Gift for Your Mom
Subtitle: What Your Mom Would Actually Love to Have

Mother's Day is  much more exciting if you become a mother yourself. Though it has been a great fuss around our home and our community as young child, I am more touched by this month's event that now I am the one who is being greeted and surprised. 

Surprising your is not just as ieasy as buying something tacky or expensive stuff. Here are nice gifts that would truly make your mom smile other than giving your mom just the usual flowers.

5 -   Chocolates... 
* Who doesn't likes chocolates? Surely, whether locally made or imported ones can make every sweet tooth mom smile. Just make sure your mom has no diabetes or else your Mother's Day surprise will send another doubtful meaning

4 - kitchen stuff or things she usually use at home ( like teflon pan, food processor or if you have the budget, washing machine with dryer or a La Germania oven)
* Though it sounds as if you imply more chores for your mom, generally almost all moms are practical. Your Mama will surely appreciate it, trust me!

3 - Treat her out on a date
* Moms enjoy bonding with their sons and daughters whether you go out on a fancy restaurant, bowling or you just prepared a breakfast for her; we are sure to remember these times like these.

2 - Money...
*Though it may sound so, pretty obvious you didn't thought a lot about your gift; let's all be real. Who wouldn't want money? Just make sure your mom would  not take this one the wrong way, hehehe. Just slip a very heart touching and unforgettable card how much you love her so much that you would want her to buy whatever she wants....

1 - A simple but a wonderful hug... And a kiss!
*Though an iPad or trip to Bora would be heaven for us but nothing beats a hug from our son (or for others, daughter or if your blessed enough both). Material and extravagant things makes us happy but remembering us and letting us feel we are important and treasured, the the best of all. But of course it's much more nice if all of the people in the household would always show respect and love always (that we don't have to nag around just to be heard), that would be the best gift ever!

Must see movie this summer:

Comment :
happy Mother's Day Mama! Though we may be the most generous kids some mom's can have; Ina (how we call our beloved mom, or strange at seems we call her 'Inaconda') we love you so much!

Same way, to my Mom in law. You are the best! happy mother's day... And also to my sis in law, Ate Che...

at these times like this, I am missing my Lola Luisa more.... Sob, sob...

Thank to my adorably naughty son and sweet hubby...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

American Idol 11: Who Made it to Top 3

Date : may 12,2012
Title: Hurray! Jessica Sanchez Made It!

All cheers to our 'kababayan', Jessica Sanchez for making it to final 3 of American Idol this season. Because of her over the top singing skill everyone expected the Fil-Mexi to win. But the last near elimination of Jessica gives a lot of jitters and doubt to all the 16-year-old contestant fans' confidence she would probably make it to top 3 at most. With much prayers, moral and voting support, Jessica did it!  Jessica was not the only mixed Filipino blood singer made it to the finals, there were Tia, Jasmine, And Camille (who was my bet at her time). It was not just long ago that another Filipino-Amenican has earned herself to the same coveted Top 3. But Jasmine Trias then was not as brilliantly impressive as Jessica. Truth is, a lot of people are madly crazy about Jessica's voice, as well as Hollywood celebs are fascinated with how much energy and high notes she can belt.  With Jessica, Philip and Joshua making the top 3, it was a heartbreaking time when Haley sung her final performance in American Idol last Friday. It was expected that she will be sent home next (because she has the only unfavorable comments last thursday), but I can't help but be disappointed with the result as well. 'Hoping her adoring funny English accent cano drag her fans up to vote unitedly. Any way, I will miss her up beat wacky voice (though she sings heartbreaking songs at times) and her cutely - angel like face.
With the 3 remaining American Idol hopefuls, I am very much excited for next weeks performance night. This time hoping, the only girl on the top3  will survive. Related Posts: American Idol Judges Uses This Season's Only "Save" Power
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My thanks to Fox's website for the random pictures I grab and post

Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to the iPad Generation

In the Name of iPad... Finally, we invested on an Apple! Yes, I am an apple lover, I love the juicily sweet and a tangy sour taste from that fruit but I am not referring to that. If it isn't only Steve Jobs' ingenious mind and untimely death that intrigues me, my hubby wouldn't had gifted me an iPad.   Though a bit pricey, we finally got an iPad! But our excitement was soon hindered by a bit of dismay. Since I am an incredibly good  Microsoft user (ahem...) I can't get the hang of typing and exploring Apple's tech as I usually do in my old Hp Compaq laptops. And here are more few stuff I had hard time adapting from iPad: 5 - Sensitive keys (or monitor perhaps in this case) needs to master more as if you are trying to use your mouse and keyboard for the first time in your life 4 - New strange environment (if you are used to using Microsoft interface, common terms you might know has different terms with Apple's. Like, If you wanted to visit a website, you don't Explorer or Firefox to help you out but Safari may aid you to. And you will find it funny that the 'return' tab on the iPad's keyboard means 'enter') 3 - Additional installation app to access certain sites (it took me many minutes to find out that I need to install a Facebook app just to easily access the site) 2 - Sensitive screen means additional accessory to buy to protect your iPad ( unlike my old laptop, I can easily slip it through my bags.  1- Intellectual property rights issue which turned me off.  Given, iPads have no USB ports, I expected it's built in  Bluetooth technology will help me share data from my phone or from my laptop ( or desktop),  but even successfully paired, I found out that iPad is still firm with it's brand to exclusively share and use iPad related tech alone. Thus, you need to invest more on other Apple tech to extend your ability to share and use your data. Well, despite of the undesirable stuff I get from using iPad, at least this little rectangular fella here comes in handy and I feel a lot classy and definitely wealthy when I bring my iPad with me. Besides, how many virus maker has mastered the art and has targeted  massively Apple's software? At least fewer than  any other famous personal computing system that I know. And all I know from my IT literature, it was Apple who started it all...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2nd International Boulderface Challenge Ends 


Dole Team Finished 18th on the 2nd International Boulderface Challenge!

Hurray! Out of 49 hopeful teams to finish the most extreme and challenging International Boulderface Race, Dole triumphantly completed the race, though the team has had the hard time running after the other topping teams; Dole Team members received their medals with high-spirits and satisfaction. Surely, organizers of the International Boulderface Challenged did not made the race easy. Knowing that only the 'creme of all creme' will answer to the call for extreme challenge, prepared the race with full-packed undeniably with highest degree of test in 4 adventure disciplines(extreme length runnGing, wild water-tubing, stamina beating biking, and the most grueling climbing ever! No wonder why only about 38% of the adventure challenged teams completed the race. (That's how extremely demanding the race is).
With last year's failed attempt to finish the challenge as a team,  Dole Team Avenged This Time Around. With new member Wong's radiating strength and stamina, added with Engr. Rai faithfull determination and Nonoy's willingness; it was a sweet taste of victory to complete the race. The team was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to join and be with the best among best  bikers, triathletes and adventurer around the country. Related Post: Dole Team Back with Vengeance