Thursday, February 01, 2007

I 'Love-Hate' Wowowie

I grew up with Eat Bulaga. This is the only show I remember so far, that stayed on air for the longest time. I remember watching it on a black and white boob tube, until televisions became colored. I even dreamed of joining the Little Miss Philippines, imitating Aiza Segguera's move and witty speeches. Even co-hosts of the said program comes and goes, me and my family never really gave up on Eat Bulaga. Even we are loyal ABS-CBN followers, when Eat Bulaga moved out of the station - we still watched them from the other station. That's how we loved and liked Tito, Vic and Joey. There is something about that trio that make us laugh and feel happy. Before, I was thinking nothing can beat them with their funny antics . I thought this admiration and loyalty will never end. Until ABS-CBN launched the new format of Wowowie were less television celebreties but more funny and lively contestants and audiences. I loved it! We all loved it. Majority of my family and friends will attest to that. There is never a time the audience or contestants of the afternoon show has not made us laugh to death. I am thinking that Johnny Manahan or whoever thought about the concept of making ordinary people (usually the contestants) the center of the show, was a great and excellent idea! Those contestants are the stars, who are really effective comedian. "True People" as they say.

But when I saw Willie Revillame was being interviewed on one of the ABS-CBN's show (I think, that was 'The Correspondence') regarding the Ultra stampede a year ago; my hair raised. While he was giving his condolences, and humble words of regrets and sorries for what had happened; I never felt his sincerety. I could never connect with his humble and very apologetic words he uttered... The next day, because I could not still get through of what I watched that night; I told my co-teachers, officemates and even students of how I viewed and felt about the interview. Surprisingly, they all agreed with my feelings. I, (and those people who have same opinion about the interview) think that it is best for ABS-CBN to let Willie Revillame not to talk at all. WOwowie's value became low. ABS-CBN or may be Willie (or Willie's friends and family) may not agree with me (I mean 'us'), but making the host of Wowowie, Mr. Willie Revillame talk in behalf of ABS-CBN may not be a very wise idea. I hope, ABS-CBN will be aware of this. Or anyone from the network may have the chance to read this blog and inform their management, so that they may consider how we feel about Willie. We are not requesting Willie to be kicked out of the show (to be fair with him, we still think he's funny and able to let the funny side of their contestant be stimulated by him and let it out). We just wanted ABS-CBN to somehow take a look and plan well if it is a good idea to let Willie speak again on behalf of the said tragedy.

Anyway, the good thing is... I still love Wowowie. I still enjoy and I still laugh 'till I drop when watching the show. That doesn't stop me from liking the show. I am just hoping ABS-CBN may have considered and thought about what we felt. We may not love everthing about Wowowie, but of course we may not hate everything too.

'Just a kudos to ABS-CBN for the best noon time show --- Wowowie!!!