Monday, September 13, 2010

In My Opinion - Latest News

Breaking News: No FB in China! Chinese Authorities blocked the IP connection of all social networks from selected provinces in China. This is in connection of riots started through usage of all networking sites, not only Facebook. (No FB in china:

hah? What the ?? Is China a communist country? So does it mean we can talk about Chinese people on FB without them knowing it? hahahha! I hope Chinese government may consider also the good stuffs social networking sites are providing them.

A healthy bouncing baby boy, George Francis, 6 lbs

Heart-Breaking News: A baby was found on a toilet bin of Gulf Airlines while cleaners were preparing the plane back to Barhain after it landed Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila, Philippines) yesterday. Airline and Philippine government authorities are still on the hunt who was the mother  (whether the parents are from Saudi Arabia or from Philippines); who unimaginably concealed her givinng birth on the plane without getting the attention of other passengers. Another theory is being investigated whether the baby is really from one of the passengers from Bahrain. The baby was named George Francis, named after the initial of the plain GF 154.  (Baby born in airplane toilet bin

How could a mother have the heart of leaving his son like that?! After giving birth, she just left his son on a toilet bin wrapped only with paper towels?! Some couples will do almost anything, as in anything (including dancing insanely at Obando, Bulacan) just to have a baby! Or may be she's a very wise mom, she can't raise her son or maybe her pregnancy is a result of an extra-marital affair (damn her if she is) so it's a wise decision to dump a newly bron child on an airline where the child could possibly have a good life after. Think about it, media will feast on the new, Airline owner may have the chance to adopt the baby!.. But I guess, being a mom, i know, whereever that mother now.. She misses her son and is very regretful of not having the chance to take good care of her son. I know she is a mom, she may be right now, bleeding her heart out not seeing her child. Whoever you are, I hope your son will grow up not hating you.

The former ABS-CBN host Willie Revillame, infamously known for his insensitive and sarcasim hosting style

Showbiz News: After the tragic ousting of Willie on Kapamilya Network (ABS-CBN 2), Willie Revillame has now given another chance to start his hosting career life all over again. this time, it's on Kapatid network, TV5. The format is still the same as of the old Wowowie, strategically merging the name of main host Willie on the former show. TV5 new show for Willie will now be named "Willing Willie", same as DOS's idea in including Willie's name into the show's name.  (Willie Back on TV:

What the??? How many times will Willie Revillame be given a chance... Honestly, he doesn't deserve it. I would just like to see him so way, way, way down, unless he really realizes the true meaning of humbleness (not just in words and presented acts), true friendship, true respect, honesty, loyalty and true love (love for partner, and love for other people as well). Of course, being a Christian, my mind (as well as my beloved lola who likes Willie so much) tells me to fully accept Willie and give him another chance. I do hope my heart accepts what my mind tells me to, hehehe. I'm just here waiting for him to commit another careless, nasty and unconcious mistake. Willie, I have my eyes on you... hahahha!

Marian Rivera with True to lifeboyfriend, Dingdong Dantes

Another Showbiz News: Marian Rivera as one of the best actresses on her time and one of the best babies of GMA7, is again in the height of another squabble with another actress. Neophyte Bela Padilla is the starlette whom being reffered to by the recent blind items. It has been in the news that she was verbaly and physically tormented by Marian Rivera during their tapings of Endless Love. According to Ms. Padilla's Manager the famous Bus Liner Owner  and a famous Juke-Box Queen, Ms. Claire Dela Fuente, told press that that her star received unwanted (both direct and indirect harsh words from Ms. Rivera) words, such as "Ang bobo-bobo mo, ang  landi-landi..." and other foul words. The most recent incident was the locking of Ms. Rivera to Ms. Padilla inside of the resort's toilet. Pushing her face on sink. Ms. DEla Fuente added that there were crew members who basically saw the incident and is asking to do something about Marian Rivera's alleged behavior. Bela Padilla's camp is requesting for Marian's apology.

Bela Padilla, as Yumi in Endless Love who allegedly has current rift with Marian Rivera

In addition, Marian Rivera has previous you tube videos showing her mistreat, belittle and throw harsh words to her PA, makeup artist and even fans (or alleged stalker). (Bela-Marian Rift:

Marian, you don't deserve Dingdong.... If ever totoo ang accusations, wow! feeling ko guilty at takot sya mangyari sa kanya ang ginawa nya ke Karylle. Lumandi ke Dingdong and later on the Karylle-Dingdong relationship has ended and Marian received Dingdong Dantes as her award sa paglalandi.. ang word na bobo? Well, reverse psychology, it was the same word used to famously describe her when she was just starting as Marimar. Hala.. minumulto na si Marian. By the way, whose Bela Padilla anyway? hehehe.. Peace po mommy Eva..

The young husband of Talk Show Queen, Kris Aquino,  James Yap
More Showbiz News: After coming back from his vacation at California, PBA cager James Yap has been silent. It's not because he was avoiding the issue between his marital woes with the president's first-sister, Kris Aquino. James had a nose surgery. This is not in preparation of his showbiz career but the surgery was to get rid of his polyps on his nose. James underwnt Surgery:

Well, health reasons... Do I need to heckle Kris and James now? Basta I suported the "No to Kris and James Annulment " at facebook. Yun lang. you might try to check on it at paki-like na rin.. Please please vote... Next time ko na lang i-criticize yung dalawa pag di na sila maghihiwalay hehehe.. Me immunity muna po sila sa aking pangheheckle hehehe

Shaina Magadayao and John Loyd Cruz, couples are always spotted together after John Loyd proudly admitted his relationship with the young actress.

Scandaleous Showbiz Bits: A scandaleous and very controversial news circulatted over the internet and TV after reports came out that Shaina and John Loyd was rushed to hostpital after having an intimate moments  together. Allegedly, Shaina's pelvis locked leaving Jonh Loyd tied with the girlfriend. Shaina's talent manager, Boy Abunda, hurriedly denied the reports and quoted that those news are below-the-belt rumors, and are malicious (possibly may ruin Shaina's career and integrity). It may have started from a joke of a Loydie fan (probably a gay), who are not favor of the relationship and wanting John Loyd to end up with either of his famous on-screen love-team, Bea Alonzo or Sarah Geronimo.  Shaina & John Loyd Sex Scandal:
This fan is may be too angry with Loydie and Shaina's relationship =(
I do hope this story is not true. Being a Filipina, I still value virginity and inocense of a woman. Besides, is it really possible that a man's sensitive part may be stocked on a woman's pelvis? Weird. I may have to ask a doctor for this if this is really possible folks.


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    i never liked marian rivera from the start.. she is one pretty but empty (bobo) actress.. she's witty but shallow

  2. Anonymous2:34 AM

    kadiri naman ang reprs na yan about john loyd and shaina... eeew

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    @ Loydie-Shaina Issue: Eeeewww! gross...

  4. Anonymous1:17 AM

    rons, i love your posts.. specially the juicy showbiz news.. but please be less safe in your comment, knowing that you are one feisty and opinionated person... keeepitipops...