Tuesday, November 21, 2006

in my NEW, WEIRD name

weird! really weird... getting married has ups and downs, highs and lows, advantages and disadvantages... and peace of mind and confusion. yes, you read it right. confusion. now that i am married, everyone calls me in my new family name.

As the first day of classes starts, i am really obliged to introduce myself to my class. And I kind of forgot that I am now, in my new weird name! Ms. Formoso that is. Well,since I was a kid, I loved that my family name - BACANI. A true Bacani in heart and mind. Now?! Well, things kind of messed up suddenly with my name. As I proudly wrote my name on the white board, "Ms. Rona Bacani", one of my students (who seems so nice and shy, that's what my very first impression about her) raised her hand nervously. I frowned. I thought it was a bad move to ask something in the first day of class and the fact that it was my very first time to teach! I gave the whole class an obvious fake smile then asked slowly. "How may I help you Misss?! Any question or violent rection?". Not knowing that the kid was one of the consistent Dean's Lister. "Annie Ma'm(not her realname)." I then answered,"Okay Annie, what it is that you would like to ask?". She replied, "Ma'm, I think we are in the wrong class. Can you excuse us for a while? We'll just check if there might have misunderstanding with our schedule. We are expecting that a new Instructor, Ms. Formoso will be our teacher for Computer Architecture", still she's nervous. I can hear her breath from a reasonable distance. Gush! I suddenly blushed with shame! I forgot that I am now married! Dumb me! If most girls would excitedly write their names down with the name of the man of their dreams(including me. I remember doing this when I was in third grade), here I am a freak who have forgotten about it! I then realized I was a big Ms. So-So-Short-Time-Memory-Loss again! I was waiting for this moment to be able to brag to everyone that I am now Ms. Formoso and I married the man I loved so much! I am a real jerk! So, slowly, to be able to gain posture from what I call 'A real jerk in me!', I picked up my blue white board marker and added a dash after 'Bacani' and then I wrote in all caps: "FORMOSO". And I smiled widely, I can even feel my gums are showing too. I just told them that I was only getting their attention if they are aware of things such us coming to the right class on the first day of school 'cuz most students don't care at all. Whew! I hope they baught it.

... I guess it's not fair! why do guys carry their name all through their life while us girls have to gave up everything including our name! When men gets old being singlethey are called BACHELORS. While us, girls - when wegrew old and alone, they will Lable us as OLD MAIDS! Damned &#*@#! I guess some congressmen should research on this case and do something about it. A girl's name is all that she has, hehehe. just kidding guys. but some how true?! Well, being in love and happy with someone you really love, this doesn't seem an issue. honestly, it feels so nice when everybody at school, at churchor even just by the by stander on the streets calls me in my new name...

... Though sometimes, you still have to call me twice or may be thrice before I'll respond back to you when you call me: "Ms. Formoso"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Job... New Life?

Things happens so fast. Yesterday I was just applying for a job, now i'm working! Astig! God is good. No matter how bad I was a few days ago, He still blessed me hehehe...

The weird thing is... I am hired to taech! Again, teach. T-E-A-C-H. Though last semester, I was also given the chance to work as a college instructor but I declined it because I have stuffs to take care at AFP (I was not yet officially resigned from AFP then). Today?! weird, now Iam teaching. As in, this is super weird. Any way, wish me the best that I'll excel in this field, I hope I'll do okay. Thanks to the love and support of my dearest husband. I owe it to him why I have the guts to apply for this job. I know he prayed so hard for me to be hired. It's nice to have a loving hubby like him hehehe...

anyway 'till next time. Got some stuff to take care.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


last week was not really my week. i was out of control. i was easily angry. pissed off. hated almost everyone. it all started with a memory. a very bad idea to remember something hateful and regretful. it concerned me everyone, every detail, almost everything. even 'si manong guard' where me and my dearly husband bought our vehicle --- 'di ko pinalampas'. i shouted at him to the most lowest cursed i've ever remembered. God forgive me, but yes, i have been so bad. i even hated to death my husband... always reminded him how he makes me feel. i nagged him day and night about his so called victim which now a ghost that continued to haunt me today...

... i guess it was a week of insanity. i lost my very self last week and a few of myself today.

today is monday, hope i (i mean "WE", since now my life is being lived with my spouse) will start and end nicely. thank God he moves in very bright and mysterious ways.

now, i'm humming the song 'virtual insanity' hehehe..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bora, Bora, Bora!

September 4, 2006

Bora, Bora, Bora!

My best friend at AFP sent me a text message asking me to pray for her and the rest of her family for an interview with the US embassy. She also reminded me that it was our 2nd anniversary for the very 1st adventure we had together at Boracay, Philippines. That‘s how sentimental my by best friend is.. She is really good in remembering dates - Important dates! For her September 1 – 4, 2004 are important dates to remember. I guess she treasure it as if it’s like a wedding anniversary or a birthday. Well, you might find her a little weird but I guess it has been indeed a very important event in our life together.

Short Term-Memory-Loss

I even had the hard time remembering the dates me and husband’s FIRSTS. He always emphasizes that I have to take note of all those stuff! Weird! I am now thinking - did I got married with my best friend?! Hahaha!

Mac has to always remind me that I have to remember dates such us the day we became boyfriend and girlfriend, our weekly prayer time, our wedding day (okay, for married couple - that’s a must!), and … there are times he will ask me strangely about our first kiss?!

I am now super concern on having a very good memory plus I alerted all my phonebook, schedule organizer, and phone alarm, in case I still forgot about all the dates which my husband and I agreed to remember and cherish..

I guess that’s why we always have the reasons to celebrate together.

It may sound obviously corny and cliché but yes, it keeps us deeply in love and happy together.

The Main Title?! Where’s the Borcay Part?!

Ohh, before I forgot… I titled this blog Bora but I got lost writing stuff about our Boracay adventure. Just take a look on the places, people, food, adventure, and even our craziness to pose in two-piece bathing suit (oozing with guts, hehehe). Those pictures was our get away adventure at Boracay, Philippines 2 years ago. Enjoy the pictures! Ignore the faces, hehehe.

Cyn is right at all. It is a celebration to remember. Boracay, Philippines has been an exciting place for us so… starting next year; I’ll include September 1 – 4 as our FIRST BORACAY ADVENTURE!


By the way, before I forgot everything completely (I told yah, I have short-term-memory-loss hahaha!)… Congratulations Cyn! Your family would obviously get that US VISA. Extend my warmest regards to Tita and Tito (though I’m used to calling your dad Col. Ablir, hehehe). God bless and whenever you decide to leave the country – Vons Voyage! We may not know it, may be our next adventure would be Thailand’s beaches or Spain’s hotels/resorts!

I am Back with my new www.ronasays.blogspot.com

After I dropped my Family name from being a Ms. Bacani to Mrs. Formoso, I was not able to update my existing blogs. Especially the sequel stories I used to write before. And many of our blogmates are asking me to post for another story (though I may always post it as ‘anonymous’, which I think a few only knew that I wrote it).

I may have been busy adjusting to my new role as a ‘wifey’ so I kind of a little stopped from visiting my blog and friendster account (yes, it’s too childish and ‘baduy’ to admit but yes I do have a friendster account too!). I used to enjoy reading, posting comments and uploading my blog before. I often do it during break time and sometimes in between a stressful time of the day at work or at school. It’s more likely enjoyable to receive a feedback, compliment and even criticism from net surfers and other bloggers too. I superbly missed it!

‘Kaya eto na po…‘

*pls. also visit my new blog site at
www.ronatells.blogspot.com where I’ll write new stories, poems and songs. You’ll definitely enjoy my new original stories…