Monday, February 27, 2012

An Afternoon to Heckle

My Sinful Satirical Mood
An afternoon to Heckle!

Willie Revillame to Guest in Eat Bulaga!
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 There had been rumours that Willie Revillame will appear on the legendary and Philippines’ longest running noon time show, Eat Bulaga, where that same show celebrated and comedian veteran Joey de Leon also hosts. To recollect on the past, there have been harsh and unfriendly exchange of words between the two; the rift eventually died out and turned into a showbizy (author’s term for alleged staged drama) reconciliation. 

Wow! Getting cosy and close with the former rival? First, I suspected that the peace and make up stuff between the two was just a manly act from Joey. As I consider, Joey was plain innocent with his brave points of view in Willie’s past actions and Willie’s past controversial show. So, the well-respected veteran has nothing to be sorry and ask forgiveness about. So, when does the reconciliation happen? If Joey did not apologize for his actions and words he threw, in same way, I didn’t actually hear any regret or apology from Willie. He’s arrogance, thought he got away from it, but the audience (people who actually think and those are cannot be easily persuade from his melodramatic dumb words) knows Willie isn’t sincere. I knew in my heart that the “being friends”with Joey is just one of your sensationalized promotion of your egoistic self and career (see Willie? You are not the only one who knows to be over-the-top speaker lol. Anybody can).  I grew up with Eat Bulaga, I had been admiring their wacky, well-thought, team-effort and funny shows since I was a little girl (I can’t even remember when was the very first time I had watched it. So literally, I grew with Eat Bulaga’s fam) . I wouldn’t want my only trusted noon time show be used for any self gratifying individual like Willie Revillame. I hope the Eat Bulaga Team both the management, staff, network and hosts sees my point. But when that time comes and people from Eat Bulaga didn’t thought about it and fell into Willie’s wicked pla, I’d rather suffer watch Vice Ganda  sarcastically insult the audience or it’s co-hosts on the other channel.

Whitney Houston the House!
 After the death of Whitney Houston, a day before 2012 Grammy’s Award, support and condolences from people all over the world flooded the TV, internet, newspaper, radio stations and even cellular phone provider’s advisory. It seems as if Whitney and his family will all read and heard those messages. Whitney has been a big lost to music industry. Her voice is even known as golden, which nobody can perfectly copy what it seems a bold, elegant and angelic note. But then due to depression and drug use, her career slammed after her highest rise to stardom, which made her an icon of almost all icons today. Since her death, videos, photos and news filling in every screen on cable TV. Even her former voice coaches, physicians she just visited once, hairdresser, and even those who had just bumped in with the golden voice singer would came out on TV and speaks out, gasping a scene and a little fame from the death of Whitney. After her burial, more hidden issues are unravelling, including her daughter, ex-hubby, parents, closest friends and millions of dollars assets and money she left.

Celebrated singer Whitney Houston news is overwhelming. Even at school where I fetch my toddler after his class, knows about her death. Even at fish market, I could hear gossips about Whitney. Every cable channel and internet search engine I visit, it is expectedly another Whitney update. It is as if Whitney Houston is in our house, or everywhere I go, she is there. 
I would funnily remember Whitney Houston usually on Gay Pageants or Singing competitions. Gays will strut gorgeous gowns and cheap impersonations of Whitney, pretending they have same divacious, divalific (author’s own term for very and extreme Diva) and delightful voice (now, I am smiling for I did see pageants like these for a dozen times!) as Whitney herself; while in singing competitions, there would always an aspiring Whitney Houston (though I never heard anyone who can sing like Whitney, hehehe).

About Whitney’s wealth, in my own opinion, I have to say that her only daughter, Bobbi Christina and her mom deserve the money and all properties her mom left as well as those Whitney’s new album and story sales (who knows if there will be a movie about the diva’s life in the near future? Her life must be pretty interesting).  Or may be a portion of Whitney’s money can be given to a foundation which helps celebrities like her, who lost their ways because they were either blinded by fame and fortune, surrounded by unhealthy people, oppressed by pressure and suppressed by depression and unruly expectations. Though actors like her have a lot of money already, but they should be helped first because once they became famous they also instantaneously became models (let us all admit it, people look up to them whether consciously or unconsciously). This is like helping yourself to effectively help others. In this case these celebrities may help people who watch them, live a good and righteous life (or may be even close to goodness).

Life is fair or unfair?  Fair, my friend. When does it become unfair? When you decide to take the wrong road, you’ll end up going back to same path and start all over again; or worst, you’ll be stuck and that’s the end of it! I am not a bible person, but I compare Whitney’s situation with David. David was a great King but eventually got caught in a war and grief between his sons and daughter, as well as a result of wars of our nation today. It was David to blame. It was his decision scheme to kill Batsheba’s husband and take her as a wife. The result of his action is more sorrowful than you can imagine. To add insult to the injury he made, her daughter was raped by her own son! See? It’s a ripple of our action. Same way, Whitney did. Her bad actions claimed her life. Even her daughter’s upbringing becomes different from what should have been. God gave her such wonder voice, but then He took it back for a reason, which should send her a message of refreshing and coming back to Him. But she didn’t. With the wrong persons around Whitney, misleading guidance, unappreciative people around, and devious antidepressant drugs made her life more miserable. My heart breaks to know she is a Sunday school girl like Marilyn Monroe. They both end up dead, which makes me think, will they be meeting in heaven? Or hell? Demi Moore and Britney Spears almost got away from death. Now, they have the chance to turn around and redeem their selves, which Whitney wasn’t able to make. She tried to make a comeback but it hadn’t realized. I was still hoping she didn’t killed herself. Unlike Michael Jackson, after his controversial case and accusations in the past, he was able to perform and sold a lot of concert tickets and amazingly lined up huge concert tours before he passed away unexpectedly. Because, according to TMZ  days before Whitney’s death she had been quoting creepy bible verses; which made me think if she did committed suicide. I speculate she had been murdered or her case was an isolated case of disgraceful accident due to unprescribed meds.
This is the irony of life, you can have everything in life but then you will still feel empty inside.
Wherever you are Whitney, I hope you did enter Heaven’s gate.

Where is Bruce Willis?
Before the heist on Whitney Houston’s death, there was Demi Moore’s infamous 911 emergency. It was believed she overdosed with illegally prescribed medicines, unhealthy diet pills, misuse of stress relieving drugs, and even delinquent teenager’s pleasure – ‘whip it!’. The actress had messy days after her divorce to his May-December husband, Ashton Kurton. 

All the depression Demi had gone through, the media was frantic of how Demi’s recent ex-hubby’s outlandish partying. On the other hand, what was Demi’s ex-hubby, Bruce Willis’ reaction to Demi’s misdemeanour 911 incident?
I am just wondering.

Where is Bruce Willis? Again?

After Whitney Houston’s death, a dozen of times Bruce Willis’ name was mentioned on news and every talk show, but the veteran actor was a bit aloof with all the media pips. He was just seen on Whitney’s last funeral service at Hope Baptist Church, New Jersey. The tribute speech he rendered was a bit too touching and inspirational that everyone started to cry and weep in loss for Whitney.

After the big movie hit,’The Bodyguard’, where Bruce played as an endearing and knight bodyguard for Whitney’s character; he had only few movie appearances since then. I once watched on TMZ a year or two ago that the respectable actor, in spite of his doubted talent, he experience a struggle. I think ‘The Storm’ (I wasn’t that sure if that was the title because it was ages ago), was the last movie I had seen Bruce as a lead. I then found out that he concentrated pursuing his passion in music and formed a band, which I only seen once perform on TV. On Whitney’s death I thought Bruce will finally break his silent career and make some noise. But, he is such a gentleman as he is, he never used the death of his friend for his career’s jumpstart. As a former co-actor and a close friend to Whitney, the only interview with Bruce media can play on air regarding the singer is his past interviews. Surely he never took advantage of this chance.

Source: TMZ, Inside Edition, The Talks, Juicy
Author's Note: The above statements in inclined paragraphs are author's personal comments and satirical views.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Letter to Secretary Enrique T. Ona

February 16, 2012

Dr. Enrique T. Ona
Department of Health

Dear Sir,

Good day!

This letter was supposed to be my letter complaint last year’s sluggish response of your provincial hospital as well as your community clinics. Since I hadn’t had the time to write immediately and I had doubts of whether should you have concern with your provincial area of responsibility, I did not let your office know soon. But since, a lot of things change lately as well as the new administration, and repeated incidents of bad governance on our provincial and municipal hospitals, I would greatly appreciate it if my complaint months ago will just be heard and responded by your office.

Last year, May 1; my brother has been bitten by a stray dog. We hurriedly went to a nearest hospital (a private one) to have him vaccinated. But we happen to cannot afford the anti-rabies vaccine then. As a good tax payer, we knew that a portion of those taxes are allotted for DOH. That’s is when we rushed to Polomolok Municipal Hospital where we were instructed that we must be receiving the vaccine from South Cotabato Provincial Hospital,  which is about 40km away from our remote place. Before travelling that far, we did tried to all the community health centres but responses we got are of either there is no available anti-rabies vaccine, there were no doctors to see us (since doctors are only available on a schedule which we understood but how can we get prescription and buy a vaccine at an amount can afford!). It was already late afternoon, so we decided to go to the Provincial Hospital the next day. But when we got there, we were only entertained by a nurse who promised us that a doctor will soon attend us which she explained all the doctors were on a meeting. We did spend our whole afternoon till 4pm and no doctor showed up!  We even missed our lunch and my brother who did not received any vaccine for over 24-hours already collapsed out of thirst, tiredness and hunger. We honestly have no extra money for food and as well transportation back home. The money we had was for the supposed cheaper vaccine shots the government offer. But he did not receive any! We were too desperate that day, we then went to a private clinic instead and had his 1st shot. Our next problem was the succeeding shots. The provincial hospital nurse assured us that the next week we return, there will be available doctor to see us as well as cheaper vaccine. But sadly, same scenario happened, we were kept waiting from 8am till everyone in the hospital were gone. Since we have no enough money, we missed the 2nd shots. We manage to produce the amount 2 weeks after the 1st shot. What’s so disappointing is that we have friends who have easily received anti-rabies shots since they knew someone in the government. How about us? The ordinary taxpaying citizen who does not know anybody working at DOH? Money is so scarce that we decided to just let my brother be home at Manila instead. The money that was supposedly is paid for the 3rd shot was use a fare going back to Manila (since he was only on vacation here). I borrowed money for my brother’s remaining anti-rabies vaccine shots to continue it at Manila. Because of the weeks missed for his shots, San Lorenzo Hospital doctors decided to repeat all the shots back to day 1. Which in our part is again a waste of time and burden in finding means? Luckily, at San Lorenzo Hospital, the amount I sent my brother for the remaining shots are enough to cover all 5 shots. Until now, I am still paying little by little the money I barrowed for the vaccine. I may not have barrowed that big amount if only your local offices and centres are systematic and responsible enough to take actions in cases like these. If San Lorenzo can be of so much efficient and timely, how come our government clinic s and hospitals here are not even concern of our financial and compassion needs? I am just wondering. I hope that you may further investigate and strengthen efforts regarding cases like these. You are a department that saves life. And emergencies like these must have timely response and has compassionate and considerate staffs.
I am truly hoping, that I may never hear the same complaint as I did and as well, as taking all life (like my brother’s life) with urgency and respect. I also hope that in the next months, more programs and literacy about rabies awareness as well as responsible keeping of pets must be implemented. My brother’s case is just one of the many incidents often neglected. 

Respectfully Yours,

Rona Formoso

I am a dog Lover

The Dogs in my Life

Raph & cousin Tala on Jackpot's 2nd Chritsmas with us

I am a dog lover. In fact, I still remember the names of all the dogs I had. My first dog was pure a golden retriever whom I truly adore for 13 years before resting in peace is Bar. He was brought home by my aunt whom amazingly is a well behave pet and never nibbled a slipper or a shoe. After Bar, my aunt gave me another dog which is a breed of an authentic Askal (A common term for breed of Philippine dog which are of medium size, and has thin fur and are only usually in colours white, brown, black or a misture f the 3 colours). We named him Ram, in honour of Gringo Honasan’s movement.  I had no choice but to call the dog Ram because my uncle has high respect with the former military officer. Before Ram died, someone in our neighbour gave me a dog and I finally had the chance to name him. Since I was so frantic with the Rambo movie that time, of course I named him after the famous movie character. Then when I lived with my parents at Bulacan, my mama’s dog gave birth with 3 dogs and I totally asked for the most furry and adorable puppy. I then named him Alovera (used to be a famous shampoo brand), since her mom’s name is Shampoo and all the rest of Alovera’s siblings are also named from other shampoo brands, Palmolive and Sunsilk. I took a very long time before I had had another dog.
Then before I got pregnant, my hubbyness and I found a big-eyed, bald, stout and fat dog following us around. We looked for her owner for 2 days and even reported it to the nearest police stations around the place we found her. After few days, the dog’s fur grew longer than we expected and we finally realize it was a Shitzu breed then we decided to assumed ownership of her and started calling her Jackpot. Long before our son (Raph) came, we actually had a baby. We all gave her all the doggie stuff she needed: expensive shampoos and bath needs, dog food and supplements, pet vaccines and other dog vitamin boosters, and (oh boy can you believe it?!) cutie little clothes. Jackpot was a charm. She has been our dog for about 3 years but we lost her (or I really suspected someone stole her when we took a summer vacation at Manila). We did paired her to few shitzu breed dogs but all did not succeed in laying her down (hahaha, so way picky, she rather hang out with larger dogs whom all were too desperate to reach what should be reached hehehe). I actually grieved when Jackpot left us (maybe she wandered around new eligible pet owner, sob, sob). God, I missed Jackpot. I remember her bark every time she needs a pee or poop outside or her crazy censored act every time she feels so hot (lol. Creepy but missed).

After Jackpot, our former Pension house owner (which we rented for few months) gave a little Japanese Pitch puppy. The pension house caretaker insists in naming her Joross (after a newly rising Star circle Quest contestant’s name. But the real Joross was a guy, right?). Since the dog is a female, we name her Ruthie (after the name of my fave little smart kid at 7th Heaven’s reruns).  Okay, I decide the name of our 2 dogs but my hubbyness thought for the name of our son’s very tedious name Imagine, our son has to take a board exam and he has to write on his given name: Raph Marcus Venicio. And that is only the first name; he has to write my maiden name and my hubby’s family name! Whew! Talking about tediousness in writing ones name. Since we move often, and now, we aren’t allowed to have pets on our apartment (but I wonder why our compound is filled with different pets?!) ‘till now, Ruthie stays with my in laws’ house together with 5 other dogs (oh, I think there are only 3 dogs which includes Ruthie in that count; the rest were either given away or had been dead for old age reasons). We wished Ruthie can bear more high quality Japanese pitch puppies(even the only possible breed link is a full-blooded askal); Ruthie still hasn’t bore one at her 5th year of existence (beauty queen lang na statement eh hehehe). I guess good breeds are hard to produce (hehehe).

If God willing, we are able to own a place of our own, I would love to have another dog like Jackpot. Or perhaps like Douglas (the famous humongous dog at Baguio City) who can keep us company when our dearest son decides to study on far universities from home (though that time will be a decade or more from now, who knows).  After all, we can’t have a new one now; I have now paranoia about unexpected pet attack (might share you next time why I now fear dogs, not that I watch too much animal attack documentaries on cable. But the idea is freaking me out a bit).

Dogs are such fun company and never complains (if ever they did complain, they never bug so much you as man do). Truly dogs are man’s best friend. For now, we settled for a gold fish named Fishy (because Raph has asthma and a fish won’t cause any allergy). But sadly Fishy died last week; I’ll just buy new fish tomorrow, maybe a janitor fish or a fighting fish this time and name it... Guido – one of the character on Raph’s fave movie The Cars.