Friday, December 03, 2010

Ideal Chruch

Ask yourself the question if "you would run"
after you read

Imagine this happening to you...

One Sunday morning during service, a 2,000
member congregation
to see two men enter, both covered from
to toe in black and carrying
submachine guns.

One of the men proclaimed,

"Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ

where you are."

Immediately, the choir fled...

the deacons fled...

and most of the congregation fled....

Out of the 2,000 there only

remained around 20.

The man who had spoken took off his hood...

He then looked at the preacher and
said "Okay

Pastor, I got rid of all the

 Now you may begin your service.
Have a nice

And the two men turned and walked out.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well, well, well... It's been so long since I posted my weird and none sense thoughts  = )

Yesterday was a nice day! Actually, the happiness still lingers with me until now.
I actually did a good job at work. Finally, I felt a bit of satisfaction with my boss' approval with the program that I did. I thank my Lord for giving me enough knowledge and wisdom for that. i wouldn't do it without my Big Boss' help. Thank God!

And there are more million reasons why I am grateful of my God! This is just one of them.


Plus, God finally answered our prayers for Rap's nanny. Good thing God perfectly provided a nanny of our same faith. We are hoping we'll all get along with her well. Now, I am missing Daisy (Rap's former sitter). We're excited to bring  Rap here at Polomolok again! Our neighbors also misses Rap too!


Another thanksgiving, Dolefil Mountaineering Club's climb at Philippine's highest peak, Mt. Apo, was a success! As I've heard from my hubbyness, who organized the event, all of them enjoyed and treasured every breath taking scenery of Mt. Apo. Good thing, that after he fell of about 12 feet during the climb, Lito Lapid is still alive and kicking. We all feared for his shoulder bones to have been fractured (knowing it may be a penalty of not attending Thanks Giving At our Church, only me and Rap was there ), God is still good enough to protect dad.


= )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Morning Praise

"A Morning Song (For the First Day of Spring)"
Originally by Children's Bells, Songs of Praise (published in 1931) 
Version by Cat Stevens and Companion

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play
Praise with elation, praise every morning
God's recreation of the new day

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Red Shoes!

Last night my hubby, our baby rap and I were about to go to Gensan to attend Sunday Vesper Worship, when we stopped for a while on Eastern Gas station at Polomolok but my new favorite red, sassy shoes (we bought from Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Gensan) stuck on the drainage grills. My shoes' hills was literally peeled off. I hated the Engineer of that gas station. He ignorantly placed the drainage vent right on the gas filling area!Next time you load up on that gas station? Please be careful! Or better yet, do not gas up on that station.

Oh, when was the last time you visited City Alliance Church at General Santos City? We were surprise that the church is fully air-conditioned. Yes, naglelevel up na ang City Alliance Church, laugh. Kudos to all the church's leaders and members.Can we attend on your thanks giving on Dec 5? I guess it'll be a big celebration again. To those at living Marbel or if you happen to pass by on last week of November, please celebrate with us God's goodness and greatness at Capital Alliance Church.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pee-Wee Monday

What a Monday. I am on a hurry to be early today because I still have lots of stuff to finish in the office. I am truly hoping God will send His loving hands to guide me and make me finish my work pronto.


A funny thing happened to me on the way to work. I rode a bus from Marbel going to Gensan (about 40 o 45 km), I just got on the non-stop bus when suddenly I felt like peeing. The worst case is, there is no establishment on the way to stop by and pee. Besides, I rode a non-stop bus, meaning I have to wait till the bus stops at Gensan. 


What's bothering is my bladder is too full, every road bump gives me a feeling that my kidneys may explode anytime. = (

All through out the ride, I  mumbled how slow and bumpy the ride.  Even not saying anything  that I need to pee, I know that all my co-passengers felt my agony. I guess my facial expression shows.


When we arrived Gensan, I hurriedly asked the driver to stop on the nearest gasoline station, so I can let it all out what I had been holding up for an hour already, gush.

But the bus stops a few meters away from the Gas station.   My bladder is about to explode! I can't feel my legs.  I saw a kainan beside the gas station where I am nearer. I decided to ask for a favor on the canteen owner, if they could let me use their bathroom. Thank God they let me. But when I arrived on the restroom, someone is using it! Oh no! $$%&&*@?!What an agony. May be the owner saw my anguish, she suggested that I may use the back of the tree as my comfort room. Without any hesitation, I said "Opo, papatusin ko na yan Ate. Salamat po."...  sigh

Without telling you the details, I did what I had been longing to do. 

It felt so good, more than an orgasm, silly laugh

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Too Early for Work!

Haha! I am the earliest bird here in the office. I can get all the worms, literally? Laugh. Well, good time to start the day with thanksgiving to the ultimate creator. Silence


I asked God to bless my brother and talk to him. I hope god will give my brother a new direction in life. A straight one. Please, Lord, I beg, give him opportunity to have a good life, new work to be busy again and to be able to finish college. Please, please speak to him that he must have a dream.... and 'pwede pasuyo Lord isama mo na rin sa transformation ng buhay nya ang pagiging malinis sa katawan, gamit at kwarto? Please...



Oh I miss our kiddo. 

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Random Thoughts

When I woke up today, I feel sleepy and depressed. May be of the movie we watched last night at Robinsons Gensan. 

The movie stars Julia Roberts, entitles, Eat Love Pray. The movie sounds interesting but it was way too boring. Though there may have nice, bubbly and interesting parts but as a whole, it broke my heart (sob).  I had to commend the guy from Texas Julia met at India. Though I can't understand his dialogue, but he did gives justice to his acting. He made me cry when he told Julia his purpose of going to India, but my hubby and I did not exactly know what was his reason (because we had hard time understanding his American accent). All we know his wife left him as well as we think he ran over his son or something but his son is alive, of some sort (laugh). As Julia (by the way, she's Liz on the movie) traveled around Italy, India and Indonesia for self realization, she finally found what she had been longing for at Indonesia. What's so funny in the film is Tutti. An old wise man from Indonesia, he totally captured the hearts of the viewers, he puts a smile on our face every time he appears on the movie. I'll take Tutti's advice to Liz, to always smile. To smile in my face, smile in your mind, smile in my heart and smile in my liver (smile).
On the way to work, I murmured how the conductor is too slow in collecting money, how the driver is too sluggish in starting the engine,  why the driver has not filled the gas tank first before he went to terminal, and even grumbled how slow the van was drove. I worry too much that I'd be late. But eventually, I arrived very early than expected. Too much grumbling and worrying, gets me no where. I can't take back the words I said (dismay).

When I went to my office locker at cafeteria, I saw one of our mall sales lady's brow. I am so bothered of her eyebrow, I don't know if it's just drawn with a black, heavy eyeliner or was it a tattoo.. She looks like chuckle's bride. KCC Mall customer's may not thought it's an extension of Halloween celebration. 

Oh, what a nice day to start the work, one of our office mate requested that we all participate in an early prayer to start the day everyday. I do hope everyone will be blessed.

I called up Rap-Rap a while ago, he talkatively boasted he is watching Dora. He even tells me over the phone (in not so understandable words)  how Dora and boots climbs a tree and cross a river. Everyday, our son is speaking very well.  Just the other night he aligned all his toy car in our bed at Marbel, then he fancied that he is reading a bible story to his cars. Appluase. Marvelled. Me and his daddy were laughing hilariously. He acts as if he is delivering a perfect story. He even throws questions to his toys (which by the way, me and his Dad joyously replies as if we are few of his students).

I am a bit nervous and excited today, our MIS Director told me that he'll finally check the program he assigned me (a long time ago)! Plus, he'll give me new task. Finally, I will be busy again(all smile but nervous)

I think I have to go back to work now, everybody seems too busy now, unlike me still writing this blog (smile). I'll just leave you with Tutti's famous dialogue, "Always smile, smile in your face, smile in your mind, smile in your heart and smile in your liver" and  "See you later, alligator!" 

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Do you Know Where is "The Door to Hell"?

Yep, "The Door to Hell" really exists. Creepy? Yep, this is not a hoax.  It's located at Darvaz, Uzbekistan. An underground cavern was found 35 years ago in this small town, but miners and site drillers weren't able to dig down dipper because of the gas inside the den. So, they just tried to lit the place up thinking that the gas content of the cavern will eventually subside. But over 35 years, the place is still burning like a hell. It only shows, that the den has too much gas that the fire did not stopped since it was lit up.

The Door to Hell

The ghost town buried in the sand

48 years ago, Centralia (Pennsylvania) was exposed in vein of anthracite. The fire was extinguished successfully but the coal underneath still burns until now. the smokes created by the fire underneath the town covers the place as if an abandoned haunted village. Centralia will still expect to be ghostly looking for more than 250 years because of the volume of coal chich continue to burn underneath.

The mouth of Hell

Another ghostly town, Kolmanskop located in Southern Namibia near the port of Luderitz.  Upon the discovery of the expensive diamond on the sandy desert, people rushed into the Naim b dessert to make an easy fortune, until the town was filled with buildings and establishments such as schools, hospitals residential buildings and casinos. But after World War II, there have been a big decrease and disinterest in sales of diamond, residents left the town and became big dunes of sands. Now, the place looks like a creepy town and all you hear is a ghostly, and creepy sound of doors blown by whistling winds.

Before Christianity spread throughout Lithuania and Russia, pagans   believed that when planting up their crosses literally on this hill will lessen their burdens and would get lucky in his entire life.  The story goes throughout the decades, until the hill was filed with more than 50, 0000 crosses. The hill now, looks like a haunted cemetery but it isn't a burying ground at all.

Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

First ever sink holes was discovered in forests of Russia. Mysteriously, during 1980s there has not much explanation about these endless holes. But eventually, after many appearances of these natural created holes, geologists finally discovered that these were all result of soft soil foundation underneath the solid soil structure of earth.

 Mysterious Holes of Russia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reviewing Joshua Jackson's Talent

Joshua Jackson, the young version of Tom Cruise (by looks) and the (hopefully) successor of Bruce Willis or may be Nicolas Cage

Do you remember Dawson's Creek? How about Mighty Ducks? Well, I guess you now have the idea where this blog is going. I am a bit in mesmerizing mode right now. Thinking of Joshua Jackson, sigh. I now realize why I married my husband, albeit his tacky, handsome and inner goodness --- my hubby has a little resemblance with my first, big time crush!
Joshua Jackson, during his Mighty Duck days

Talking about real actors who can act, not just by his pretty and endearing looks. This guy can really, really act. He has planted his root as an actor. He's too young to be called an institution, but hey, he does have a contribution with the TV and movie industry in Hollywood. From kids' witty movie Mighty ducks acting as Charlie Conway who is dearly loved by his young, determined ice hockey player image, then followed by a TV teen sensation Dawson's Creek -- playing a well-loved country guy Pacey Witter (which started everyone's illusion of Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson's love team in real life. But Ms. Holmes eventually ended up with much older looking Joshua, laugh), added with a more serious movie "The Skull" (the first, that is) performing the role of Luke McNamara  as a regular but an intelligent college student , spiced up by a suspense/horror film (from a Japanese horror film)  "Shutter" playing as Joshua Carter as a professional Photographer based in Japan, and now the current TV rave Sci-Fi show, "Fringe". 

Joshua Jackson's new TV series, Fringe on Fox

Fringe, I had been watching this show for months now. And goodness, sake, it is good. though I may be destructed and feel uncomfortable by the way other actors on Fringe acts (very ovverated and too OA - in Philippines we call it as Over Acting, grin). Well, as long as my crush pull his role well, or should I say, he did it at his best. Why not? I just do hope he won an award or something on this show. Of course, Fringe is only next to my favorite CSI. Too bad Jil Grissom left, this guy is one of the main man of the show! Oh I missed him, cry.
New cast of CSI, after the character of Jil Grissom left the show

Go, Josh!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Date to Remember

If my hubby and I are not busy, we usually spend our bonding time strolling around malls and amusement parks or pigging  out on restaurants (or even on the simplest eatery around town). If we have extra budget and time, well, we most likely extend our effort in hopping to another place like Davao City or may be a beach nearby. But last night's bonding time was different, it's may be few of the bonding time we have, minus our only son (as of now, smirk).  Raph is currently with his Lola Puring at Marbel. Actually our date was unplanned. My hubby just sent me an SMS message yesterday asking if I am busy at work. Thank God I am back with my boring routine at work these past few weeks, so I told him that we can go out and watch movie  but I have to cancel my scheduled buying  of groceries for home supply(expectantly I replied to his message, knowing why he is asking if I am available last night). 

We agreed to meet here at KCC Mall  (Since I work here and it's more favorable for my part plus the loyalty of patronizing your company's mall, smile). But eventually, realizing that I am not allowed to enter to certain mall areas, we agreed that we will just watch movie at Robinsons Mall Gensan (where they have the nicest movie house in town) and has an array of eating place just before you enter the mall. But at the last minute, (Of course I am the typical woman who has to run some errands and a woman who is fickle minded, frown)  I told my hubbyness that he'll just pick me up at Gaisano instead, because I have to mail our Christmas gift to her sister whom is currently based in Dubai (since I guess it's cheaper if we have to mail it by Philippine Post).  Too bad the Philpost Office at Gaisano  Mall closes early at 6PM (more frown).  Well, anyways, I just roamed around the mall and later decided to get some groceries while waiting for my dearest hubbyness. Since, there's not much to see on the Gaisano Mall (I recommend that you visit KCC Mall because we have recent improvements and new, nice and classy shops there. Big Grin. Not that I work at KCC Mall, but trust me, our Mall has lot's of changes since SM Gensan's construction has finally started. KCC Mall is ready to race with SM Gensan, that's what my bosses assured us) .
My date arrived earlier than expected, so I left the groceries and left it on the counter, since my date qualms that he does not want to carry plastic of grocery items while we date... And the date started:

1st stop: We visited the outdoor shop in Gaisano mall. (I think that was the only outdoor shop inside a mall here in Gensan, the rest of the outdoor shops are located on far-off places like in front of KCC Mall (near the store that sells antique and native stuffs) or  I saw few stores at Polomolok - one is the Gaudy's World, another is beside a bakery along Baranggay Cannery Hi-way (which I never known the name of the shop, dismay). 

Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Mall

2nd Stop: Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano. Oy my goodness1 They are on sale! We never had the hard time of picking which is the  best shoes I wanted. They have lot's of pretty, classy and on-the-go shoes. (Though I wanted all, but I just have to pick one).  After checking out on 3 or 4 pair of shoes (whom the handsome shoe-sales clerk gladly entertained our  requests and inquiries), my hubbyness suggested that we'll just get the red , and glossy one (which I am confidently wearing now worn with the black dress my hubby's pasalubong from Manila. I feel like a million corporate, high-payed and socialite office gal! Thanks to my red shoes!) .  I really suggest you visit the shoe store - Ferretti. The people there are nice, you won't feel pressured as if the clerks expect you to buy something once you enter their store. Kudos to the Ferretti people. Sometimes the place need not to be too overrated, just place two cheerful and pleasant looking staff, and you've got a wonderful store! I recommend you too visit Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Gensan.

3rd Stop: We hooped to another mall, Robinsons Mall Gensan.  We checked out all the  posh watch shops there, and whew! the prices are too expensive. But I saw one watch there which I think would be the best Christmas gift for my husband. Since He is an avid mountaineer and the President of DoleFil Mountaineering Club (the official Dole Philippines' adventure group). The watch has a (may I not say the brand please? but it's quite expensive than Timex) a compass, altitude measurement gadget as well as pedometer.  I wish all the projects may keep coming (so those who wanted to have a computerized systems in their offices, please contact me. I need to save for something here. I also accept thesis programs.  Laughing)

4th Stop: We are hungry, we took time to pass by and check restaurants at Robinson's Mall. We ended up eating on Robinson's Food Court. The clean and well-lighted place was so inviting.  We bought our diner at Nanay Bebeng's store, because their viands are 50% less during closing time.  plus they also have great food even their foods are already discounted. Again, we really appreciated the person who is looking after the store, because she's bubbly and very entertaining. 

 5th Stop: After finishing diner, I felt like going Chinese, so I decided to buy a noodles in a box. A Dimsum food stall located at Robinson's Food Court (may I not name it?  Please, thumbs down to them!). I was totally dismayed, the food stall did not issued an OR plus they don't have any chopsticks! They just simply told me that they are out of stock of chopsticks and didn't even bothered to tell me before I purchased. How am I going to eat my Dimsum in a box?! They didn't even offered me a fork. I asked them for it. They bluntly pointed to the direction of the fork. I politely ask for a sauce, and again foolishly pointing me to the sauce organizer! Grrr! And did you know? While they were preparing my box of Dimsum? Well, the girl who made my Dimsum prepared my food on her bare hands, no hair nets, wearing watches, ring and bracelets (which the small and dangling bracelet accessories dips on the bean sprouts she cooks), while chatting with her co-employees (gossiping). I just can't complain that time. I don't want to ruin my night just because an unsanitary personnel sabotage my food (right eyebrow raised).  The result of my Dimsum ? It has lots of bean sprout, I couldn't taste the noodles anymore. I don't want to start a fight, I have date. But of course, I ate it anyway, smile. Hey, I payed for it. I'll just be choosy next time. 

6th Stop: We are suppose to watch a movie, but there are no nice movies out and we don't even know who were the actors on the movie list. So we decided to head home and enjoy the night together.

I therefore conclude that my date last night? It was a blast!

Monday, October 25, 2010

True Love

Though the colors and pattern of our Rubik's may not be perfectly in place, 
but YOU complete ME... 
WE complete US…

 c/o fun picture site...

5 Years... and Still Counting!

Time come so fast.. We were surprised we reached 5 years already! Wow, 5 years, and still counting... To my dearest hubbyness ---
I love you! 

Thank you for 5 wonderful years. 
Through ups and downs,
Highs and lows,
Thick and thin,
Joys and sadness...
You still stood by me.

Thanking Jesus, our God, and Savior
for the best gift He has given me...
Again, I love you , Daddy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

He is My King... Who's yours?

I heard this song over and over again on radio many times while I was riding' on a public van going to work. The song was a bit jumpy and nice to hear, a good sound to hear on a busy and on a hurry morning. But as the song goes a long, I was a bit hesitant to sing a long with it.. The words are bothering.... The lyrics goes like , "who made you king of anything... who died and...." something like that. In my opinion, the lyrics is some kind of a slander to my faith. The songs talks a bout someone who pursuits a person in making things right, but the song disagrees with whoever this person and addressed the person as a self proclaimed king and savior. I don't know what the real message the composer or maybe the singer is addressing the lyrics at but I find it too blasphemous. So when I arrived at work, I searched through the internet who the singer is. She's Sarah Bareilles, raised from a Catholic family. I am just wondering (since we share same faith) did she ever thought reading the lyrics first before including it in her album? Though she may have no  intention to degrade our  religion (or was it my religion?), as a responsible artist she may have selected the songs she sings and produce (yes, she is also a producer). 

To those who were also offended by her song please pass...
To Sarah, if ever you had a chance to read this: you lost one fan... Please do not mock my God...
To those who share same sentiments with me, please pass...


Friday, October 15, 2010

When Your Kiddo is out of Control

New discipline rules for your children
September 22, 2010, 5:07 pm Fiona Baker practicalparenting

Techniques for encouraging good behavior have evolved since our parents raised us. Practical Parenting outlines how times have changed.

When your toddler behaves in an unruly fashion, “all he needs is discipline”, onlookers say. If your pre-schooler throws a tantrum when she can’t have an ice-cream, discipline will solve that. Apparently. But what exactly is discipline and do the methods used by older generations get the best results in the end?
Discipline is one of those curly areas of parenting with many people having strong views on how children need to be raised. It’s meant to be the cure-all for bad behavior while the lack of it seems to be blamed for everything that’s wrong in society today.
But when you’re in the middle of parenting a brood of kids (or even just one), it can be difficult to know what is the best way to go when it comes to disciplining them.

Prue Liger, a parenting educator from Australia’s Positive Parenting Network and a mum of three, says it can help parents if they understand the true definition of discipline, which is to teach certain behaviours through instruction and practice.

“Discipline does not mean punishment,” she says. It’s about connecting with your child and teaching them about acceptable behaviors, but not at the expense of their own sense of self-worth.

Okay, with that definition on board, we look at some of the ‘old-school’ rules of discipline as well as some more contemporary alternatives. In the end it is all about parents understanding their child and finding what works best for their family, with the end result being children who know what sort of behavior is expected from them.

Old-school rule: Strict routine
This rule says there is a time and a place for everything and encourages sticking to a daily routine to maintain control.
Best to use: Day to day. There’s no denying that kids, and humans in general, respond well to routines. It makes us feel safe and secure when we know what happens next, such as bedtime follows a story and a bath.

When not to: On holidays. You’ve arrived at your friends’ house interstate to stay for a few days and there’s no bath, only a shower, and your 18-month-old is in a port-a-cot in your room. With dinners out at a restaurant meaning later nights, there’s no chance you can stick to your home routine.

New tool: Go with the flow. Life will always throw a few curve balls, so learning to adapt to change is a good lesson for the whole family. Strict adherence to a routine is only going to stress everyone if it can’t be followed.

“Children, particularly young ones, find comfort in routine, but these routines need to be adaptable and open to change,” says Prue. She highly recommends a ‘routine chart’ which the littlies, even very young ones, can be involved in creating (see page 93).

Old-school rule: Parents must follow through with threats Every parent does it: “If you don’t clean up your toys you won’t go to playgroup/the park/Grandma’s.” This rule insists parents make good with their threats.

Best to use: When the consequences are achievable and actually make sense to the child. For example, if a two-year-old is throwing a toy and his mum warns him that she will take the toy away if he throws it again because it could hurt someone, that threat is achievable for the parent and makes sense to the child.

When not to: When, in the heat of the moment you make a totally over-the-top and unenforceable threat, such as, “If you don’t eat your dinner there will be no ice-cream for a year.” Is eating every single thing on the plate that important?

New tool: Reasonable consequences. Prue talks of the “four Rs of consequences”. The consequences we talk to our children about need to be:

Related to the issue
(teach) Responsibility
For example, if your children are misbehaving in the car, explain to them that their behaviour is making it difficult for you to drive safely so if it continues, you will need to pull over until their behaviour improves.
Old-school rule: Be firm
Children respond to firm and direct parenting, no discussions entered into.
Best to use: When it’s important for safety or respectful reasons to take fairly immediate action. For example, parents are in a restaurant and their two-year-old is running around, almost knocking over tray-carrying staff. Or your littlie keeps standing up in the slippery bath.
When not to: When your child is really sad or frustrated. Your four-year-old daughter has fallen over and grazed her knee while walking to playgroup. Now is not the time to tell her to get up and get over it because she’s hurt herself.
New tool: Empathy. Showing littlies that you understand what they’re feeling can immediately diffuse lots
of emotional situations. Being firm with a toddler who’s sobbing about saying goodbye to Granny is not going to achieve anything. But hugging her and saying you understand why she’s sad but she’ll see Granny next week, or can phone her later, can work wonders.
Likewise, telling a scared child to be brave does not acknowledge her fears.
“I would always suggest parents start with empathy,” says Prue. “It acknowledges how they feel and shows you understand.”
Old-school rule: Smacking
And other physical punishments.

Best to use: What a can of worms this issue is, with many people spruiking their strong opinions in the media, on the internet, at dinner parties... But very few parenting educators condone smacking. Prue says, “There is never a reason to smack children. What does it tell kids? That it’s okay for big people to hurt little people?”

New tool: Self-calming. This is a tool for both parents and children. For a parent, when your child is doing something which is enraging you, Prue advises parents “take a pause” and try to work out why the behaviour is happening. Is you child frustrated, angry, seeking attention, over-tired, hungry or bored?

“Misbehavior is often used by children to communicate how they are feeling. They don’t have the verbal skills to say why they’re angry or frustrated,” says Prue. So maybe the two-year-old is tormenting the cat because he gets a reaction from Mum, who’s otherwise side-tracked on the phone. Or the three-year-old pulled her friend’s hair at playgroup because she was angry about not being able to have access to the trike. This is where teaching littlies to “self-calm” is important.

“Know what calms your child,” says Prue. Some children will calm down if they’re able to spend some quiet time in their room, or have a cuddle with Mum, or go off to draw. Really little children may find a dummy or a soft toy helps them self-calm.

“When little children learn how to make themselves feel better, they will do better,” Prue says. As part of teaching self-calming, she advises parents to acknowledge good behaviours. There is no need to go overboard and lavish praise on kids when they behave well, rather just show that you’ve noticed and appreciated their good behaviour.

Old-school rule: Yelling
Sometimes it’s the only way you can make yourself heard.

Best to use: When you can’t be heard and you need an immediate reaction. For example, you’re at a noisy children’s birthday party, and your child is unknowingly about to pull a whole plate of food from the table onto his head and you won’t be able to dash to your child’s rescue in time.

When not to: When you’re angry. You know how you feel as an adult if someone yells at you. It may get an immediate response, but it makes you feel bad, sad or even scared. You may even shut down and feel resentful. Kids are the same.

New tool: Loving guidance. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.
You’re telling your child to put on his shoes because it’s time to go home from playgroup, but he wants to stay and is ignoring you. Rather than yell, you could go and put the shoes in front of him and show you’re waiting patiently for him to put them on.

Friday, October 08, 2010

I may not be able to Answer your Tweet (on Twitter) because I am on Tweetox...

  • Tweetox means
[tweet + detox] to take a break from Twitter

"... my iPhone has not been more than arm's length away at any given moment this year, to the point that my husband thinks I need to 'tweetox' ..." — Maitri,, Dec 28, 2009

  • Sanctimommy means a  mother who points out perceived faults in the parenting of others
 "Sanctimommies of the world, rejoice! You have a new spokesperson, and even though she is a super model, she's just like you: obnoxious, self-congratulatory and anxious to make all the other mommies feel bad." — Dr. Amy Tuteur,, Aug 6, 2010
  • Shapewear means any of various undergarments designed to give the wearer a slimmer appearance
"Since we have kind of a problem with women's shapewear (where does the fat goooo? And what happens when you take off said shapewear and reveal your actual shape to the prying eyes of the public?), you'd probably assume we feel the same way about men's shapewear." — Jen Doll,, July 12, 2010
  • Conflict Mineral means a mineral that is mined, processed, sold, or distributed in a way that provides financing for civil wars and other forms of violence
"Last month, activists blanketed Intel’s Facebook page with calls to support tough legislation to curb trade in conflict minerals." — Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times, June 26, 2010
  • Prebuttal means usually political message delivered before one made by a rival

"BP Offers Prebuttal to Obama Speech" — headline,, June 15, 2010

  • Catio means[cat + patio] an enclosed outdoor space (such as a screened-in porch) for a cat

"I know they are happier when they get some 'outside' time, even if it's on a patio or porch. This 'catio' idea is brilliant, and safer for the whole animal neighborhood ..." — phrogfrau, comment on, June 20, 2010

  • Vuvuzela

    a long horn consisting of a straight tube made of aluminum or plastic that emits a loud monotone and that is often blown at sporting events as a rallying device

    "Basketball's governing body said Monday the horns that provided the earsplitting buzz at World Cup soccer games will be banned from its tournament. The organizers said vuvuzelas used indoors could damage hearing and make it difficult to communicate on court." — Brian Mahoney, Associated Press, August 2, 2010

  • Placist means a person who discriminates against other people based on where the other people live
"If you happen to be from the state of Alaska they don't want your business. I don't know if the 'manager' was unaware that Alaska is an actual state that issues legitimate ID's, or if he was insisting that it was a fake ID, or if he was just being placist." — Rachel N., review on, Feb 17, 2010

  • Unschool means to homeschool without fixed curricula

"The structure of unschooling depends on the teacher, [Amy] Hamby-Scott said. 'One day you might go to a museum and look at art, and that's your schooling for the day.'" — Jessica Boyd,, June 29, 2010

  • Jeggings means leggings that resemble tight-fitting denim jeans 

    "For those who love the sleek look of a skinny jean but can't stand the leg-sucking compression, impossibly small openings at the ankles or rigid denim digging into skin, the skinny jean/legging hybrid known as jeggings could be a worthy alternative – or just one more reason to feel like their thighs will never be toned enough." — Melissa Magsaysay,, January 17, 2010


Monday, October 04, 2010

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

Okay, I'm back with my blog. Thank goodness I already finished my task at work. Though there may have minor jobs to finish, these two news shocked me while my officemate , Cliff, saw a news video showing Justein Beiber. Allegedly, the hot 16 year old Canadian teen pop singer, Justein Beiber, is a 51 year old pedophile; Michael Cote. Mr. Cote has posed as the teen heartthrob for many years by wearing a wig and convincing rubber mask.
Allegedly, Michael Cote disguised as Justein Beiber?!

Investigators said that the scheme of Michael Cote is seemingly diabolical and could have been the product of a remorseless e-x fiend.

A psychologist assessed Justin Beiber's lyrics, stating that the lyrics have been "innocently suggestive" that would have manipulated underaged girls. 

You can watch the video through this link:,18178/

I don't know if this news is true, but as I've searched through the net about the credibility of The Onion Network News, note, the site has won a Peabody Award in best in satirical site. I guess The news is just a spoof or something... = )

Here's another shocking but unbeleivable news: the most adorable and loveable American sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston, is rumored to have adopted a 33-year-old African in desperation to have a boyfriend?! It is beleived that it was a desperate attempt to escape herself from her brken heart after Ms Angelina Jolie has stolen Brad Pitt's heart from Ms. Aniston. Since Ms Jolie is known to have adopted lot's of kids from other race, allegedly Ms. Aniston's action in adopting Negasi, the alleged 33-year-old African, is just a sweet rebound against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

More detailed news about this new, please visit:,17768/