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The Treacherous Man’s Best Friend

The Treacherous Man’s Best Friend
What You Need to Know About Rabies

Grueling Experience

I am a dog person. I like dogs over cats. I never exactly rattle if a dog barks at me furiously. My better-half otherwise freaks out if he sees (even the most harmless looking ones) a dog approaches him (unless, of course if he owns the dog). It was a total turn off when we strolled around Puerto Gallera’s beaches and a wandering dog almost attacked us, (that time he was just a boy friend, oh boy, I should have thought of not marrying him) he used me as a shield from the fuming dog. Another was when we had our honeymoon at Baguio City and we had to take a picture with Douglas (hey, if you’ve visited Pines View, pretty much you knew who Douglas is...); I had to convince him for 15 long minutes before we could finally take a photo. I never understood my hubbyness until my brother was bitten by our neighbour’s adopted a pregnant abandoned dog that they fed regularly (but eventually never volunteering in paying for my brother’s vaccine). It’s a hell! Not that I less worry of my brother’s ripped skin on legs due to the dog’s deep horrific bite, but it also hurts me more to have spent Php 12,800.00 for the anti-rabies vaccine. Aside from the “other expenses “we had for transportations, food and medications; plus the stress.  

That day on, I often back off if I see a dog coming. Yes, I now officially panic when a dog howl at me.

What the heck is Rabies?

Rabies is a virus usually carried by rats, cats, raccoons and animals alike. But rabies is commonly and easily spread by dogs. Most household has a dog (or more) as part of their families. Since dogs are directly in contact with people, thus, these animals are often times directly suspected as the culprit in spreading the rabid disease.
A person contaminated with rabies virus can only be detected once severe symptoms occur, such as:
ü  Over sensitivity with light
ü  Detest water
ü  Rabid change in attitude – either delirium or sudden depression occurs (often times misdiagnosed as insanity)
ü  Uncontrollable eye movements
ü  Watery mouth
If victim was obviously attacked by a rabid dog, the dog will manifest the following behaviour:
ü  Sudden change in attitude - Sociable dogs becomes rabid and unexpectedly attack and too defensive of people or other dogs as well; while loud dogs suddenly becomes quiet and weak
ü  Either watery mouth or too dry mouth (most dogs drooled of excessive saliva)
ü  Loss of appetite
ü  Rough howling and barking in an irregular time of the day or night
ü  Extreme disgust of water or overly drinks too much water
ü  In a week to 3 months time (other studies shows it may took 6 months) after the bite, the dog may go seriously ill and die. That it’s why physicians  advise to observe dog for 4 weeks or so before killing the animal (as a common practice by older people)

How does rabies can be transmitted?

The big R virus can be transmitted through saliva of an infected animal to another animal or human saliva or blood as well. 

Case 1: A 5 year old dog (Dog A) was vaccinated with anti-rabies when it was a year old, and shares a food bowl with another dog (Dog B) who has a positive rabies virus (which owner doesn’t notice symptoms that Dog B is already infected). Eventually, since Dog A vaccine is not boosted up yearly, it will be infected as well.

Case2: Late Fernando Poe Jr.’s dad, actor and real life UP oblates, name, died of rabies. He was infected with the big R when an unsuspected dog licked his minor cut on skin. 

Case 3: A toddler kisses an innocent neighbour’s Japanese pitch dog. After a decade the kid died of rabies which they thought at first she only suffered from mental illness. Parents claim they never had a dog and their daughter has never been bitten or attacked by dog.

Case4: A documentary news aired a family whose eldest son died of rabies and the rest of the 2 sibling and parents are now waiting for the big R symptoms to manifest in them because they all share dining utensils. The family were not aware that one of them already had rabies not until he died.

Can our children be vaccinated with anti-rabies as a prevention vaccine like any other vaccines like mumps’ or chicken pox?

It is only a must to have a person be vaccinated if a suspected contact (bite, scratch or even a simple lick) with animals like dogs, cats, racoons, among others occur. Usually, toddlers and infants has no adequate ability to tell if they had been in close contact (as unreported cases) with the animals, parents and guardians must be vigilant enough to secure their kids’ safety; though there may have some paediatricians who willingly gives dose shots. 

All pets are required to be vaccinated yearly with anti-rabies.

Where do anti-rabies vaccines available?

Check your nearest health center or local government veterinary office for schedule of free vaccine of your pets. Our dogs get it every summer which our local vet office regularly schedules. If you’re lucky enough, they also give free shampoo and supplements to your pets. Just invest time and effort to travel your dogs with you going to the vaccination area. There are localities that are so lucky that the Veterinary doctors are the ones visiting house to house to vaccinate dogs.

If you had been bitten by a dog, provincial government hospitals (and there are some NGOs) have designated and provided Bite Center (they call it ABC’s) for cheaper shots than those of vaccines given by private clinics and hospitals. Make sure to check availability of the vaccine on the public Bite centers there may have times they run out and will just keep you waiting. Treat every bite from a dog, whether a stray dog or a regularly vaccinated dog as an emergency and must be given abrupt shots ASAP.

You have to pay for the whole bottle of the anti-rabies formula even you were not able to consume all. Once a bottle was opened, it should be disposed soon. So it is wise try to look for someone who has also same need of vaccine as you have so you can share a bottle of the anti-rabies vaccine; that if you had no choice but to go to a private clinic.

What will I do if any of my family members has been bitten?

Immediately wash bite area (or scratch or ant contact area) with soap and water. Wash it thoroughly and efficiently. Then disinfect with betadine solution or and hydrogen peroxide ( make sure agua ocinada should be with equal parts of water so that it won’t hurt)

Rush patient to nearest clinic or hospital which has physician to inject anti-rabies shots. Doctors are the only ones allowed to give the vaccines.

Make sure to follow the given instruction of the physicians as well as complete and observe the schedule of the next succeeding anti-rabies shots. At times like this, you must prepare a cash to pay for the vaccine

If the dog that bites me is a regularly vaccinated dog, should I still have to be vaccinated?   

It depends, if you won the dog and you know you maintained a good hygiene on your pet, completed a yearly anti-rabies vaccine and has never been exposed to other dogs outside your care; you may not want to overdo vaccine on yourself. If you aren’t sure of your dog’s health, better see a doctor and have yourself be vaccinated.

But if in case you were attacked by a dog which you barely knew, you should be vaccinated.
If you knew the owner of the dog and the dog is well taken care of, and you still feel uneasy (paranoia still haunts you); you can respectfully ask the owner to shoulder your vaccination (or you can share the expenses, or depending on what you both peacefully settled for).

How much is an anti-rabies vaccine cost?      

An average amount of anti-rabies vaccine for a medium built adult (about 45 -55 kg) is Php 12,800.00 to complete the 5 required shots. 

Anti-rabies vaccine is divided into 5 series of shots:
©  Day 1 – the day the victim is directly in contact with the suspected animal (whether a bite, scratch or lick)
©  Day 2 – 5 days after the first contact and first vaccine was made
©  Day 3 – 10th day after the first shot
©  Day 4 – 15th day after the 1st vaccine
©  Day 5 – 20th day and last scheduled anti-rabies shot

If you missed one of the schedules, you have to start with Day 1 shot again to complete 5 shots. So make sure you observe the schedule which your physician gave you. You can’t afford to pay more than 5 shots, just so you miss 1 day of vaccine.

The amount of vaccine prescription depends on the body weight of the patient, thus, the heavier the victim the more expensive the shot is. But if you have nothing to share with the rabies vaccine formula, whether you used all or just a pinch, you have to pay for the whole bottle. Opened big R bottles are not useable for next scheduled shot.

Can I demand to the owner of the pet to pay for my vaccine?

Yes, the law requires them to pay for the damages since their pets are under their responsibility and jurisdiction, unless you trespass from their property and posed a threat to their safety. Otherwise, you can charge them from slight physical injury to major physical injury. There have been no specific law in the Philippines yet against irresponsible pet ownership, which I intend to pursue and encourage our law makers to write and implement. 

But if you knew the pet owner and is close to you, you may try to calmly and peacefully settle this issue with them before spending for your attorney’s fee and other litigation expenses. You may surely win the case but you may lose a friend.

What can we do to prevent spread of rabies?

What we can do:
ü  Make a way to educate and create a program within your community about rabies. Which brings me to calling the government to have more systematic programs in fighting and responding to rabies disease
ü  Start in your home: be a responsible pet owner. Have your pets be vaccinated yearly (yes, it should be yearly vaccination), proper pet hygiene, and feed your pets with healthy foods. If you’re pet accidentally scratches, licked or (worst) bit someone, be courteous enough to pay for the vaccine of the person who came in contact with your pet. If you do not want to spend for the vaccination, better yet do not let loose your pet when there are other persons around your house. A proper lash and pen must be always provided for your pets
ü   And of course continue to love dogs. Rabies if horrifying but dogs are still our best pal. After all, dogs are the best company and inexpensive guard at home.

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Rona’s 2012 New Year’s Resolution to Break

‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’ everyone! ‘Kung Hei Watsi’ for others! And for most of us Happy New Year! To all pure blooded Pinoy like me, ‘Masigabong Bagong Taon!’ 

Again, started the year with an outburst of inspiration and will to revive my rusting blog site(which generally has no interested readers at all, lol, well, there were some who reads my blog out of my forced request as well as those who have nothing to do but kill time by reading my lousy thoughts). I have to start (but ironically January 2012 is about end and I am still writing my first blog for this year! Talking about the burning desire to be active online again, sigh)

I first heard of New Year Resolutions when I was in my elementary days. After  very long holiday vacations, we were asked to write down our personal goals or perhaps things/habits we wanted badly to change for the New Year. Basically, I’ll just write whatever stuff I just thought of without even thinking if I can sustain the gruelling days and months (or can I even last a week) to put into actions what I wished I would do for my betterment?! Breaking a resolution is my profession. Not one on my list had I ever did. If ever I survive of actually doing what I wrote, basically it will only last for days. And that is it. Or worst, I hadn’t started any of it. I remember my new year’s wishes are to talk less and never to easily trust anyone. But, as a course of habit, I always start my year never doing any of it. Surely I will include it again in my new year’s list. And again, and again, and again. For 20 years, it’s like déjàvu, I am blowing same things all over again.

When I become a mom, I realize that I have to take this resolution thing seriously. Promised must be done slowly but surely, simple but fruitful and humble yet praise worthy. Hey, your list of resolutions is after all for your betterment (once a chaotic-minded friend tells me. Yes, she’s a freak but she has a point in saying it, haha! I wonder where she is getting those brilliant words of wisdom sometimes)
Without further a du (as if you care hehehe), the things I am aiming to achieve and make it a habit (and hopefully not to break) this year off the dragons... (I can’t even be excited and nervous if I have all the strength and discipline to really do this list.)

6 – Propose and finish an official website or may be a blog site, Church Members and Visitors database, enrolment and payroll system for our church (been wanting to do this 2 years ago, until now, hadn’t started any. I had the desire but as always, my flesh is weak to start any of these. I know it will be for God’s glory)
5 – Blog at least once a month (I had this included in my list last year but I trimmed it to at least one blog a month, since I had no regular internet connection now and I had hard time keeping up with a 3 or 4 online notes a month. Once a month blogging may be a lot easier and a less stressful than my last year’s
4 – Never miss a Sunday Service (or church mass for most. Well, this one has been broken already last two weeks ago, tsk, tsk, tsk.. Sadly, I should be rephrasing it to: ) Never be late on Sunday Service (last year, we barely can make it to church before the church service started)

3 – Be more and always beautiful (even, at home. In spite of my newly rebonded hair, always have bad hair days; ‘Never stopped drinking soda even I did promised last year that I would totally refrain from gulping those unhealthy but tastefully tempting juices, ’still enjoys munching on junk foods, and stubborn enough to kick off those silly body fats;I only wear nice clothes and make myself pretty when we go out, which makes my hubbyness grumpy at all time. My hubbyness always complains with me being lax on impressing him and charming him. I guess by doing so, God, my delightful engineer may fell more positively happy and inlove with me. Who knows we may get lots of sexy time togethercause of this promise b, lol) 

2 – Pay all our past debts and never to have one again this year (except for Pag-ibig, and other government and legal loans. As to these loans are automatically will be paid by salary deductions. And you’ll never know when emergency might come. With God’s unconditional providence, we’ll have the best year this year. I hope every day, will be a best year. It’s beating owns record.)

1 – Start the art of praying (I want to be a newbie prayer warrior. I always end up depressed and disappointed with my actions, words and plans even all worked perfectly as I hoped.  May be prayer will change everything. Please say amen with me guys, smile)

And those are my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions to break, laugh out loud. I have other minor wishes to accomplish like let our son memorize Corinthians 13 and Psalm 23, enrol and encourage Raph to love drum playing, to consistently work  and have a small business online, drink 8 –up of water daily, jog and exercise at least once a week, call lola at least once a month, and a lot more. But I guess, my nind and heart is out pouring with plans right now, I should really concentrate with the 6 promises first. 

My fingers are crossed, this time I made a list easier than I can think of. I hope I can even sustain of faithfully doing at least one or two of what I have promised to do.

Ikaw? What do you long to accomplish and change this year? Yearly travel vacation? Additional Mountains to climb? More events to organize? Aims for promotion? Work abroad? Get out of your sloppy company? Buy a dlsr camera or a new expensive bike? Stops drinking? Less partying? Start saving? Open a business? Intend to have a girlfriend? Buy a new pet? I could go on forever, but what would you try this year? 

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Farewell 2011

2011, a Year That Was...
I plan to write this blog just before 2012 comes. But I wasn’t able to, for many reasons. Or was I just afraid to remember and evaluate it according to what I expected after my heartbreaking 2010 ended?  I feared, I may have not accomplished any plausible achievements at all. I may not be a consistent honour student during my student days, but I do always excel. May be that self expectation draw me away from saying bye-bye for the last time on my 2011 life?

Ok, I think I should start now:

Well, after joining KCC fam in 2010, a year after, I decided to flee again (for the nth time, lol). That was probably most depressing time of my 2011. I had to leave a wonder full and understanding boss, Ramon Ang. There may have tons of reasons I run away from that very diverse family, but I had to accept the fact that there’s no such thing as staying in two best of both worlds. As I relinquish to achieve same glory I had in my younger years, things seems becomes stubborn to my goals. I felt like I can’t grow with that family, so I left the mall and the uniquely jumbled people I met there, whom I ironically consider as intelligent as I am and as  valiant as my guts. Where a place I consider as an urban jungle, where I have to get through everyday just to survive, had taught me the same lesson I learned in my past. 

MMCS family (photo by rformoso@Calderon Park)

Then, there were my co-mommies, guardians and dads whom I felt that we share a common ground.
Mommy Lourdes,
has amazed me of her quietly comedic but nous personal stories as a mom and wife.
Mommy Marvy & Myong
inspired me for her sensible sensual lectures, her everyday chit chat and his firm but loving support to their son.
Mommy Jocebelle
taught me of her smart street ways, courageous words, firm confidence and powerful personality.
Mommy Divine
has blessed me for her meek thoughts and ways.
Mommy Sharon
she has taught of the word trust and respect for others.
Mommy Lynette,
for silent but inspiring mom power, which I admire her dedication in her passion to write and yet living to be the best hands-on mom.
Not just another friendly nanny, whom has to multi-task work and school but still kept a vibrant attitude each time I see her:
for her unwavering guidance and help to her 2 alaga; she reminded me that there is always goodness in all people.
To our children’s new mom at school, whom I doubted before if she can bare my son’s boisterous attitude:
Teacher Reggie
for caring and teaching my son how to appreciate school and learning to learn.
My dearly neighbours for 4 years already, whom I only got the chance to actually be their ‘neighbours ‘ just last year:
Sir Arnel and Te’ Terry(we’re same age but couldn’t help to call her Ate, lol)
Has both amazed me of their childish but adoring ways and living as a family and raising their 2 barakos.
Jess and Precious
for their hushed apartment door but entertaining chats at times, whom are often misunderstood.
Sir Boyet and Ate Jinky,
they  inspire me of their witty but downy ways of raising well-mannered kids.
Ate Ging,
who often times is out of the compound, has always reminded me of Mama Puring.
And to Ate Gen
Whom her family recently moved on our neighbour early last year, who is always prim and calm, has encourage me to live a modest and loving life.

To my truest and most understanding friend:

Daneelyn, Tonette, Mhargz, Cynthia and Helen,
though distance stand between us all, you still let me feel I am special and loved. Thank you for the faithful friendship.

To my family:

                                                           Lola Luisa,
Whom I wished that she may still see the day Raph will dedicate her, a piece of his medal for more coming years. She protects us, for her undying prayers to my family. She is a true prayer warrior by heart.
for her candid and funny ways, she is a sister who blessed me so much.
Daga and Jojo,
Who annoyingly commit same mistakes again and again, are truly brothers filled with love and trust. Bros, Ruby and I love you so much!
MaMa and PaPa
most unique parents any kid can have, has always been in my prayers. Daga, Ruby and Jojo may few times think it was hard to be your parents but we realize we are blessed to have you both. We would still want you to be our Amaconda at Inaconda if there will be a next life (reincarnation? lol).
Joanne and Jeckoy,
At their young age, still they have been an inspiration to me to always to things at ones best interest and to always be positive and keep the faith burning.
To Auntie Letty and Auntie Celia,
for their marvellous and unconditional dedication to their family.
Jen, Jay, Janine, Jomar, and the rest of my cousins,
I couldn’t ask for more friends than you are. You are all too loving, and kind despite of all our differences in age and lifestyle, we still are bounded by love and true family band.
Mama Puring, Mama Lumming, Ate Che, Kuya Jo, and Tala.
for still making me feel that I am part of their family.
for still sticking with me and Raph, and for bearing with my insane reasoning and wobbly mood. Thank you and I love you.
And to our Raph,
you made mommy and daddy’s life complete.

Last year was an exciting year for me. Started a new life as a full time mom and bearing an extra carriage from my brother’s unpleasant misfortune here at Mindanao. 2011, taught me to scrutinize  different sundry personalities and to depend on anybody’s loyalty, other than my own family. 2011 for me has been good for me though some days were bitter but at the end of that bitter days were the best ones – I am still comforted and loved by the truest people in the world!  
 Good bye 2011.