Friday, May 25, 2012

American Idol 11 Finals

May 25, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Takes Home the Runner Up Title

It was a breath-taking event on the American Idol finals. Even with variety of mouthful impressive intermissions from top 10 AI finalists (more like a reminiscing jolly reunion, that is) and from various well-known past and present performers, people are still weary of the big day's event.

As though time literally stopped when Ryan Seacrest announced the long waited winner of American Idol Season 11. With a new record of 132 million votes came in to support the two finalist, it is once again a record breaking deal for the show, especially, a lot of rival shows such as X- factor, America Got Talent and among others surfaced just to keep up with audience demand for talent search.

Sadly, Filipino-Mexican favourite, Jessica Sanchez's fans were not able to steal over the numerous votes against Philip Phillips.

It was believed that during the finals, Philip is not feeling well that he has to lean and sit from time to time. He even was not able perform well his victory song as confetti pour down because he was a bit emotional to have been named as the recent American Idol.

For most Jessica's fans and supporters who never failed to watch and attend voting party session in support for her, they are still hoping that not winning the American Idol title would still open more doors of opportunities for her believing that she have that awesomely amazing talent.

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A Evening of Wackiness 

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Title: Getting Silly with my iPad and Toddler
Date: may 25, 2012

Shot from iPad2's default camera app. 

Daddy, mom and son go crazy with these silly iPad photos using Facetime App which is readily available in an iPad iOS.