Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Date to Remember

If my hubby and I are not busy, we usually spend our bonding time strolling around malls and amusement parks or pigging  out on restaurants (or even on the simplest eatery around town). If we have extra budget and time, well, we most likely extend our effort in hopping to another place like Davao City or may be a beach nearby. But last night's bonding time was different, it's may be few of the bonding time we have, minus our only son (as of now, smirk).  Raph is currently with his Lola Puring at Marbel. Actually our date was unplanned. My hubby just sent me an SMS message yesterday asking if I am busy at work. Thank God I am back with my boring routine at work these past few weeks, so I told him that we can go out and watch movie  but I have to cancel my scheduled buying  of groceries for home supply(expectantly I replied to his message, knowing why he is asking if I am available last night). 

We agreed to meet here at KCC Mall  (Since I work here and it's more favorable for my part plus the loyalty of patronizing your company's mall, smile). But eventually, realizing that I am not allowed to enter to certain mall areas, we agreed that we will just watch movie at Robinsons Mall Gensan (where they have the nicest movie house in town) and has an array of eating place just before you enter the mall. But at the last minute, (Of course I am the typical woman who has to run some errands and a woman who is fickle minded, frown)  I told my hubbyness that he'll just pick me up at Gaisano instead, because I have to mail our Christmas gift to her sister whom is currently based in Dubai (since I guess it's cheaper if we have to mail it by Philippine Post).  Too bad the Philpost Office at Gaisano  Mall closes early at 6PM (more frown).  Well, anyways, I just roamed around the mall and later decided to get some groceries while waiting for my dearest hubbyness. Since, there's not much to see on the Gaisano Mall (I recommend that you visit KCC Mall because we have recent improvements and new, nice and classy shops there. Big Grin. Not that I work at KCC Mall, but trust me, our Mall has lot's of changes since SM Gensan's construction has finally started. KCC Mall is ready to race with SM Gensan, that's what my bosses assured us) .
My date arrived earlier than expected, so I left the groceries and left it on the counter, since my date qualms that he does not want to carry plastic of grocery items while we date... And the date started:

1st stop: We visited the outdoor shop in Gaisano mall. (I think that was the only outdoor shop inside a mall here in Gensan, the rest of the outdoor shops are located on far-off places like in front of KCC Mall (near the store that sells antique and native stuffs) or  I saw few stores at Polomolok - one is the Gaudy's World, another is beside a bakery along Baranggay Cannery Hi-way (which I never known the name of the shop, dismay). 

Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Mall

2nd Stop: Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano. Oy my goodness1 They are on sale! We never had the hard time of picking which is the  best shoes I wanted. They have lot's of pretty, classy and on-the-go shoes. (Though I wanted all, but I just have to pick one).  After checking out on 3 or 4 pair of shoes (whom the handsome shoe-sales clerk gladly entertained our  requests and inquiries), my hubbyness suggested that we'll just get the red , and glossy one (which I am confidently wearing now worn with the black dress my hubby's pasalubong from Manila. I feel like a million corporate, high-payed and socialite office gal! Thanks to my red shoes!) .  I really suggest you visit the shoe store - Ferretti. The people there are nice, you won't feel pressured as if the clerks expect you to buy something once you enter their store. Kudos to the Ferretti people. Sometimes the place need not to be too overrated, just place two cheerful and pleasant looking staff, and you've got a wonderful store! I recommend you too visit Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Gensan.

3rd Stop: We hooped to another mall, Robinsons Mall Gensan.  We checked out all the  posh watch shops there, and whew! the prices are too expensive. But I saw one watch there which I think would be the best Christmas gift for my husband. Since He is an avid mountaineer and the President of DoleFil Mountaineering Club (the official Dole Philippines' adventure group). The watch has a (may I not say the brand please? but it's quite expensive than Timex) a compass, altitude measurement gadget as well as pedometer.  I wish all the projects may keep coming (so those who wanted to have a computerized systems in their offices, please contact me. I need to save for something here. I also accept thesis programs.  Laughing)

4th Stop: We are hungry, we took time to pass by and check restaurants at Robinson's Mall. We ended up eating on Robinson's Food Court. The clean and well-lighted place was so inviting.  We bought our diner at Nanay Bebeng's store, because their viands are 50% less during closing time.  plus they also have great food even their foods are already discounted. Again, we really appreciated the person who is looking after the store, because she's bubbly and very entertaining. 

 5th Stop: After finishing diner, I felt like going Chinese, so I decided to buy a noodles in a box. A Dimsum food stall located at Robinson's Food Court (may I not name it?  Please, thumbs down to them!). I was totally dismayed, the food stall did not issued an OR plus they don't have any chopsticks! They just simply told me that they are out of stock of chopsticks and didn't even bothered to tell me before I purchased. How am I going to eat my Dimsum in a box?! They didn't even offered me a fork. I asked them for it. They bluntly pointed to the direction of the fork. I politely ask for a sauce, and again foolishly pointing me to the sauce organizer! Grrr! And did you know? While they were preparing my box of Dimsum? Well, the girl who made my Dimsum prepared my food on her bare hands, no hair nets, wearing watches, ring and bracelets (which the small and dangling bracelet accessories dips on the bean sprouts she cooks), while chatting with her co-employees (gossiping). I just can't complain that time. I don't want to ruin my night just because an unsanitary personnel sabotage my food (right eyebrow raised).  The result of my Dimsum ? It has lots of bean sprout, I couldn't taste the noodles anymore. I don't want to start a fight, I have date. But of course, I ate it anyway, smile. Hey, I payed for it. I'll just be choosy next time. 

6th Stop: We are suppose to watch a movie, but there are no nice movies out and we don't even know who were the actors on the movie list. So we decided to head home and enjoy the night together.

I therefore conclude that my date last night? It was a blast!

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