Thursday, September 16, 2010

Personal Opinion - Mariel Rodriguez & Tony Gonzaga Rift

Another Showbiz Rift - Mariel Rodriguez versus Tony Gonzaga

Tony Gonzaga, with a new ABS-CBN show, Kokey at Ako

I never thought that there is a squabble going on between close friends and co-hosts, Mariel Rodriguez and Tony Gonzaga. I just read on yahoo news about it recently. 'Knowing Tony as one talkative person, but she is tactful and safe in her words. How could she be in in rift with the very wacky and posh Mariel Rodriguez?The report says, the misunderstanding started when Robin Padilla requested to replace Tony Gonzaga as his leading lady on their Star Cinema's upcoming film (Tony had already completed 6 days of shooting/taping for the film). He asked the management to just hire Mariel Rodriguez instead (to make the love-comedy story more appealing and realistic, since Robin and Mariel were allegedly reported to have tied the knot before they left for India).  According to recent interview of Tony, without her detailing the cause of their misunderstanding, she expresses her deep heartache about her misunderstanding with her former close friend Mariel. She added that she is still open to be friends with Mariel again, but their relationship this time would never be the same as they were before. Tony described her feeling as too"deeply hurt".  

Mariel rodriguez and Robin Padilla, got married at Baguio in an Igorot rites

Do you know Carl Andrei Leuterio?
Carl Andrei Leuterio, an 8-yr-old kid who saves a dolphin

An eight-year old kid spotted a stranded dolphin at San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro and timely reported it to authorities last month. The kids abrupt decision, saves the life of the dying dolphin. The kid's name? Carl Andrei Leuterio who is in his third grade. He said He and his 3 playmates were playing along the beach when they saw the dolphin. 

Carl is the youngest to receive the WWF-Philippines award, citing his heroic action in saving the environment and its species, even in a very young age.

Celphone Charger May Kill You

Last night I watched on news, that a boy was killed by malfunctioned cellular phone charger. According to reports, the mother just saw his boy pushed the cellphone socket to plug the cellphone on. But instead, in few minutes his son died in front of her, seeing him electrocuted remorsefully. 

So my dear parents, advise your kids to be careful and plugging just anything, including the celphone chargers. (Even elementary students owns his on cellphones now! I hope cellphones are regulated and should be just a fruit of their labor... like rewards, or pinag-iipunan, something like that.). Pag me konting sira or di na gumagana, just buy a new ones. Sa pagtitipid baka lalo pa tayo mapahamak, worst,it may kill us... Especially, Christmas is near, old Christmas lights must be replaced, we shouldn't repair it any more. And please buy those that have ICC certificates. Kahit made in China basta pumasa sa standard ng authorities natin, why not?! Di ba?

I hate Glee!

Leah Michelle, one of the lead of teen musical show Glee
I was able to watched the premier telecast of Glee. But i hate to say it: I never liked it at first, I didn't appreciated the character of their musical coach, which I always tend to forget, including the lead actress's role Leah Michelle. I don't know, there is something about her which I really don't like. May be her role. She's such a looser. Or may be I don't like the way she sings. Her singing makes me want to cover my ears. It's to flirty and overrated. Sa bisaya pa, yaya kaayo. I don't like her version of Journey's Faithfully, she ruined it! Too maarte, as in!  But there are few characters like Sue (whom I really anticipated her Academy Award, oh man she's good!) whom I find challenging and funny. I love the way Jane Lynch protraiyed her role as a self-centered and competitive Cheer club adviser. I also like Kurt Hummel, his gay role is totally lovable (Innocent but liberated gay played by Chris Colfer). As well as Santana Lopez played by Naya Rivera, I find her pretty simple.

But what I am anticipating this coming season is the new addition to the crew, our very own Charice. The fact that she is a Filipino, but she has an astounding and powerful voice.  At early age, and from a foreign land, she infiltrated Hollywood! Now, there is something that I will look forward to watch Glee. Go, Charice ipakita mo ang kaya natin. Charice, dahil sayo, I am proud to be Pinoy!

Charice Pempengco, discovered on internet when a fan uploaded her amateur singing contest videos from a show Little Big Star

 Mariel-Tony Rift: Mindoro kid gets award for rescuing stranded dolphin:

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