Sunday, September 05, 2010

In My Opinion on Claudine Baretto & Angelica Panganiban Rift

Since, my dearly hubbyness banned me from watching showbiz oriented shows, the more I became itchy and thirsty to know the latest entertainment news (especially, those scandaleous and intriguing ones... though I may not wish it always happens, but truth is-- the more conplicated news such as sex scandals, libelous rift, and harsh exchange of words are waved by people in the showbiz/tv personalities the more entertaining it gets). My hubbyness don't understand the fact of enjoying the agony of a tv/movie personality by exposing the the most private stuff about them. Excitement grows and grows as the more libelous/slanderous words written/spoken about a person, the more it interesting.

                        Be Careful What You Post on Your Tweeter Account
                          Angelica Panganiban & Claudine Baretto-Santiago Rift
                                                                 (It all started with a Tweet)

It has been one-full month of August, former ABS-CBN's star and fave artist Claudine Barreto has been grievously posting shout outs. As people may have read those posts, may interpret those shout-outs as pertaining to a certain person. Until one day, speculations spilled out. She was pointing finger to younger actress, Angelica Panganiban, for falsely spreading gossip that Ms. Claudine Barreto(currently married to actor Raymart Santiago) is having an extra marital affair. That may have caused Claudine's fury.

Being married also, knowing that someone is spreading naughty rumors about my reputaion (putting my loyalty and faithfullness to my beloved husband into risk) may also make me angry.  No, not angry... Very, very angry!

 According to PEP news online, since the name of Star Magic's young star, Angelica Panganiban, floated as the same person, whom Claudine is passively referring to as the mole who is allegedly  spreading the slanderous gossip; Angelica did not entertained any interviews, reactions or even did not bothered saying anything about the matter. Star Magic Director, Mr. Johnny Manahan (famously known as "Mr. M"),  spoke on behalf of Angelica. Defending that it was the Star Magic's Management's idea not to allow her to accept any interviews and not to release any statement about the the two-bankable star's tiff. This is in favor of Claudines part (since the management is still concern with the actresses' career, a former baby of Star Magic), knowing fully that whatever Angelica will have to say will only ruin Claudine's family life and career. Hence, she should keep her silence. Mr. M added, that, people pretty well known Angelica, as feisty, rude and a rebel at times but she was never a liar.

In my opinion, Angelica's silence makes more things interesting and intriguing. What could be this very confidential information that may probably shock everyone and may possibly threaten Claudines career? Think, think, think? I am thinking evil  thoughts. Very evil ones... 

In showbiz Central (GMA7,  ABS-CBN's rival showbiz talk show), John Lapuz, a former Star Magic artist, defending Claudine's side that knowing Mr. M as a mentor is such protective and loving person. He may be protecting Angelica, because he is like a 'tatay'  (father) to his stars. He maybe protecting Angelica, as any father would have done.

Okay, so John Lapuz may be saying, probably Claudine may be right in her accusations... and Angelica must be into something else... oh let me see what may be the reasons? Let's think again. Deviously? hah?!

Claudine, filed a criminal and civil case against Angelica last August 24. On the basis that the alleged gossips she was spreading is slanderous and by all means has malign. intentions. She explained that in Angelica's  silence, so as she also doesn't want to speak too. After the complaint case, Mr. M, hurriedly made a statement "..go ahead, sue us Claudine, go make our day.."

Well, galit na si bossing (The boss is now angry).  

The alleged Claudine's extra-marital affair, Martin Castro released also a statement to media.; 'Hoping all will be okay between Angelica and Claudine's party, since both are good friends with their spouse's and boyfriend's family(refering to Derek and Raymart). Martin Castro's wife (Cris Castro), pronounced in an interview in PEP that rumors about her husband that he is a drug addict and is carelessly having an affair with the "Optimum Star" ("Teleserye Queen" and "The SuperNova" as named by Claudine Baretto's loyal fans) are untrue. Mrs. Castro even cleared out Angelica's name by stating that during the said family dinner held at their home where Claudine and Raymart, as well as Angelica and Derek were invited; the allegations of Claudine against Angelica's bad mouthing Claudine's older sister (Gretchen "Greta" Baretto, famously known for her  posh fashion sense and classy but feisty attitude). Claudine claims that during that dinner, she overheard Angelica talking trash about her and her sister. That Angelica is telling everyone in the party that her sister Gretta gave Angelica's boyfriend an expensive gift. That made Claudine angry. But worst, she was falsely accused of having an affair with the party host - Martin Castro (common friend of Raymart and Derek).

Hala, if ever it's true, why? Why is Angelica spreading those stuff? What's her motive? Well, as I've watched on the Buzz last Sunday, Claudine's conclusion is that the young actress (Angelica) may be trying to create a gap between Martin and Raymart. But I don't see the point. Baliw lang ang gagawa nun (Ay hehehe, nagamit na pala ni Mr. M yun. According to him, who ever is spreading those rumor that Angelica is spreading those rumor, she may be disturbed. Tsk, tsk, tsk)

In addition to Mrs. Castro(Cris) statement thinks her husband---whom she described as “makulit, very honest, very friendly, very accommodating friend”---might have been dragged into the controversy because “maybe he gave the wrong impression on Claudine – that he’s too available.” She added, “Sometimes, Claudine calls [up Martin] 30 times a day!" Asked if she regrets knowing Claudine, Cris said, "Yeah, I guess. I don't need that noise in my life."

Di naman sa kinakampihan ko si  Claudine, pero dapat 'yung pinagkwentuhan ni Angelica  nung gabing 'yun kailangan na magsalita kasi mukhang si Claudine, lumalabas na praning lang. (I am not taking Claudine's side, but to those who actually talked to Angelica that dinner party they were talking about, if ever they have heard Angelica spread those rumors, they must come out and tell also the truth because it looks as if Claudine is getting insane).

Atty. Sonya Benemerito-Castillo, Castros's laywer is saddened from the controversy since her clients since the couple were privated  persons. Castros' are still hoping that things will just be okay since because both Raymart and Derek are of good friends.

It's so happened that the wife and girlfriend are such a mess that they can't get along well? And the friendship of those  guys is in uncertainty because their spouse and GF are in real mess? Hay, Buti, supportive pa din sila hubby at bf sa mga minamahal nila.. 

While Angelica's lawyer Atty. Joji Alonso released a statement on the Buzz (Sept 5), stating" In time, the public will clearly see that Angelica is the real victim..."She expresses that the accusation of Claudine is "maligned, and baseless..."

Nyay, katakot usapang lawyer na ito. I guess, those lawyers were also hoping that this mess will end up peacefully and they will all be able to settle it not in the court anymore. It is just a stupid misunderstanding, baseless gossip or maybe worst, an insane paranoia. Tsaka alam ko kasi Christian si Claudine. We share of same faith, so sana, all will be okay. Even if the so-called spreading of Angelica about the squabble and false story about Claudine, sana mapatawad nya or just keep her silence instead. By speaking more, she is dragging more of her reputation down the drain. (Oh no, it's a now lawyers stuff. I guess everyone will just hope that the mess will end up peacefully...  And I know Claudine is a Christian.. I hope she can forgive Angelica about the squabble...)

On the other hand, Ms. Gretchen Baretto, distanced herself from the controversy of the two actresses. Stating that she is feisty but cannot bear same level of fight the two caused. Anyway, She hopes all things will soon be okay. As well as common friends of the two in showbiz, has not commented on the said issue. All of them kept their silence, thinking that it would make things harder and controversial if they would say something about the Issue.

Of course, you don't want to be included in this mess. It's totally not a nice attitude and not a good example to their audiences. Well, anyway, if things will not be settled sooner, the exchange of harsh words with the two camps may bring us more entertainment. I agree with Tony Gonzaga, when she says during the buzz, that if things gets more controversial, messy and intriguing... It's Entertainment. As "mirror boy" (hahaha! did I just call him a new name? pretty old huh?!), the ever professional Mr. Boy Abunda, says, being in showbizness, it's a price to pay of (mis)judgment and gossip.  

In my opinion, the two may not totally liked each other at first. Both are too feisty, crude, good actresses (and were able to bank and prove something on big screen and on TV) which proves competitiveness, tactless at times, mischievous and some point of their life became rebellious.  To add more both have past rift with other actresses as well:

                                                                       --Angelica -- 

          Gretchen Baretto (tiff  about current boyfriend Derek. Gossip spreading        that Ms. Gretta gave an expensive, too expensive gift to Angelica's bf) 
          Camille Pratts (squabble about... again, a boy... Carlo Aquino)
           Roxanne Guinoo (dressing room rift with Bea Alonzo)

           Jan Marini Alano (alleged exchange of harsh words during taping on ABS-CBN's soap, after that, Jan Marini's career and TV appearances on dos became scarce)
          Grecthecn Baretto (a sister's rift, including another Baretto sister, Marjorie. It took them a very long time to peace and make up)
           Judy Anne Santos (or was it Ms. Santos' Manager Mr. Alfie Lorenzo? It was a fame grabbing thing on a Shampoo/Conditioner TV Ad)

These were just my opinions. What is your opinion? And malapit na Pasko, magbati na kayo (And Christmas is coming, Please be friends...) 

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  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    the more Angelica keeps her silence the more naaasar si claudine girl bwahahaha!... team angelica tayo!

  2. Anonymous12:20 AM

    si angelica kabatabata palaaway na.... maninira ng pamilya? sigurado, baka selos lang asawa ni marvin kaya nya sinisiraan si claudine.. as if naman papatulan ni claudine si marvin. di malayong pogi naman si raymart

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    errrrr???!!!! sino si marvin??? tsismosa ka talaga, bati pangalan namamali ka tuloy kaya yan iniidolo mo na si claudine basta na lang naniniwala sa hearsaying kaya napapa-away, nagmumukha sya tuloy cheap at walang breed..

    peace po!!!!!

  4. hahaha! di ko idol si claudine noh.. thank you for the correction.. so it is martin not marvin.. sorry po, typo error hehehe...

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    ewwwwwwww!!!yan si angelika kitang kita maldita!!as if naman papatulan ni cludine si martin!!hello mrs martin ano yang comment comment mo dyan!!sayong sayon na guwapo mong asawa!!ewwwwwwwwwww!!selos ka pa dyan!!malisyosa ka!!tigilan na yang drama!!magpapasko na after cgristmas na lang ulit kung gusto nyo talaga mag away!!peace!!

  6. Anonymous10:16 PM

    e ano naman kung mag bigay ng gift?? it means generous si greta!!palibhasa kase selos ka angelika at malisyosa,kabata bata mo pa palaaway ka na!!at kung mag comment ka sa tv!!ewwwwwwwww,di ka ba marunong gumalang sa mas ahead syo ,sa trabaho at sa idad??nagsisismula ka pa lang angelika!!bakit takot kang maagaw sayo si derek?? ur lucky kase may partner na si greta,kung wala,baka magtae ka sa selos!!

  7. Anonymous7:06 AM

    e ano naman kung mag bigay ng gift?? it means generous si greta!!palibhasa kase selos ka angelika at malisyosa,kabata bata mo pa palaaway ka na!!at kung mag comment ka sa tv!!ewwwwwwwww,di ka ba marunong gumalang sa mas ahead syo ,sa trabaho at sa idad??nagsisismula ka pa lang angelika!!bakit takot kang maagaw sayo si derek?? ur lucky kase may partner na si greta,kung wala,baka magtae ka sa selos!!

    - just want to comment, what did angelica to keep silent is right. less talk, less mistakes... so what happen to ms. claudine baretto now??? nagmukha syang palengkera at walang respeto. if she is a truly christian, then she must show it, do the right thing, she should think about it esp. nakatingin ang tao sa kanya.

    secondly, respect - should be EARN and not mandatory.

    and speaking of greta, nalulungkot lang ako na para bang ok lang makipagrelasyun sa may asawa, na ok lang bang maging kabit??? ga'nun na ba kababa ang moralidad ng mga filipino ngayun??? sana piliin natin ang idolohin at gawing inspirasyun sa buhay.

  8. Anonymous7:00 PM

    awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer

  9. Anonymous5:07 AM

    hi there... team caudine ako. not becoz ido ko sya but rather as a woman. who among you dream of having a broken family? yan naman talaga ang concern ni claudine. despite fame nya pniling magpakasal at magkapamelya. kaya hindi nya hahayaan na merong sisira nito lalong lalo na kung ang gagawa nito ay isang babaeng hindi naniniwala sa kasal and that your ANGELICA.... kaya tantanan nyo na si claudine, at doon sa asawa ni martin, hello wake-up, if totoo man yan ask yourself bakit kaya nakaa ng asawa mo yan, ah maybe dahl pangit kana and may amoy pa,,,, kay mrs... wag kalimotan mag make-up at maligo... t will help... and to angelica... sure ka???????

  10. Anonymous1:11 PM

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  11. Anonymous8:54 AM

    yan c angelica masyadong palaaway kala nya super sikat n cia snce lumabas ang issue we never ever like watching angelica in tv even n big screen.........

  12. Anonymous3:28 PM

    That first part in red is supposed to be Claudine Baretto's tweet? Jesus, as if it wasn't painful enough to read through the blogger's regrettable grammar, now I gotta endure it from a dumbass actress as well?

    Dude, I quit. I only heard about the brawl in NAIA and thought (stupidly) it was funny enough to warrant some looking into the moron couple in question. Why did I even think it MIGHT be worth the read?

    I'm chalking up the NAIA incident as a result of stupidity on the part of the couple. The video will crush them--it's all there anyway. And that's pretty much it. Staying away from Filipino "entertainment" for good now--I knew it was the right choice to not even give a rat's ass in the first place.

    Oh, and fix your grammar, blogger, it's honestly quite grating. Just saying.

  13. Anonymous6:01 PM

    can't read much of your article.... i hate colored fonts. you should stick to one color only...much readable.

    1. Anonymous11:10 PM

      same here with me...colored fonts especially the yellow, and other fonts in light colors are an eye sore. why do you have to keep changing colors anyway?