Thursday, April 26, 2012

Susan's Beach - A Peaceful and Inexpensive Getaway Near Gensan

Susan's Beach 

A Relaxing Summer Getaway

If you are looking for a decent and uncrowded weekend date or outing, but not so expensive check out this resort we stumbled upon while looking for a new place for a family overnight bonding.

How to get there:

    Just drive pass through London Beach Resort, before Lemlunay Beach Resort.

Here are nice stuff to expect:

    *Reasonable charges and grocery items
    *Nice and approachable staff
    *Spacious beach and cottage area
    *Abundant in natural sea creatures

'Just don't expect too much about:

    -short orders (the place has does not have any restaurant yet, so make sure you are brought with you scrumptious meal and desserts, though you can buy soft drinks and hard drinks over their humble mini-mart)

    -hotel or cottage (where you can actually lie on a soft comfy bed) to rent in

    - squeaky clean shores and nice pleasant airy smell (there is a community of locals along side of the resort, so household plastic disposable usually are dragged onshore of the beach, though staff try to clean it up; few small plastic sachets and household trash can be seen around)


    *Clean public restrooms
    * Mini Convenient Store


   Entrance Fee

          Adult       Php   25.00
          Child       Php  15.00
     Evening/ Overnight
         Adult        Php  40.00       
        Child         Php  15.00


          Small      Php 400.00 (3-10pax)
          Large     Php 600.00 (15-20pax)

     If you are able to bring a tent, you can set it up for free.

The Resort's garden is surrounded with lots of dreamy figurines and mini-fountains such as this

Contact Persons:
   Susan      0928 272 0727
   Canteen   0928 699 9156
   Wilyn       0918 541 7746
   Aileen      0948 833 0486
   Jun           0999 555 7612
 * I will upload decent snapshot photos of the resort after I retrieve my files on our broken Compaq laptop. But trust me if I say, the resort is just about okay. After all, friendly staff and nice people are most important above everything else!


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    nice :)) di po bakayu nag papa rent ng sarili nyong tent ?

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    next week... :)

  3. GC OLLOS9:44 PM

    dah! baktas ta paadto dira :)

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I will sure to visit this place this weekend..thanks for posting this one...hopefully people nearby is harmless..just