Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Adventure is On!

2nd Boulder Face International Challenge is On!

After rigorous training of biking and running as well as preparing a healthy diet for the 2nd Boulder Face Race… With Dole’s belief and support with our country’s economy and tourism effort to make our county better than usual (hence, Philippine’s theme – ‘More fun…’); Dole Philippine Inc. has generously did not only sent one but two teams to represent the company’s name.  The two Dole teams left as early as 4am for Davao just this morning. 

Far different from last year’s teams, though composed of almost the same members, the members are stronger, hopeful, fittingly equipped, well motivated and up-beat with this year’s 2nd Boulder Face Challenge. Either of the teams’ achievement will bring surely a better moral for Dole employees and the company itself.

The race will test all teams with heart stumping running/ mountain trekking, rough biking path, and challenging water ways to be passed through water tubes.

To Engr. Rai, and Wong Lucilla with Nonoy Sadiang-Abay as their logistic member; and as well as to Eric Lubos’s team – God speed on the race! May you all enjoy and have the best adventure challenge ever!

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Susan's Beach - A Peaceful and Inexpensive Getaway Near Gensan

Susan's Beach 

A Relaxing Summer Getaway

If you are looking for a decent and uncrowded weekend date or outing, but not so expensive check out this resort we stumbled upon while looking for a new place for a family overnight bonding.

How to get there:

    Just drive pass through London Beach Resort, before Lemlunay Beach Resort.

Here are nice stuff to expect:

    *Reasonable charges and grocery items
    *Nice and approachable staff
    *Spacious beach and cottage area
    *Abundant in natural sea creatures

'Just don't expect too much about:

    -short orders (the place has does not have any restaurant yet, so make sure you are brought with you scrumptious meal and desserts, though you can buy soft drinks and hard drinks over their humble mini-mart)

    -hotel or cottage (where you can actually lie on a soft comfy bed) to rent in

    - squeaky clean shores and nice pleasant airy smell (there is a community of locals along side of the resort, so household plastic disposable usually are dragged onshore of the beach, though staff try to clean it up; few small plastic sachets and household trash can be seen around)


    *Clean public restrooms
    * Mini Convenient Store


   Entrance Fee

          Adult       Php   25.00
          Child       Php  15.00
     Evening/ Overnight
         Adult        Php  40.00       
        Child         Php  15.00


          Small      Php 400.00 (3-10pax)
          Large     Php 600.00 (15-20pax)

     If you are able to bring a tent, you can set it up for free.

The Resort's garden is surrounded with lots of dreamy figurines and mini-fountains such as this

Contact Persons:
   Susan      0928 272 0727
   Canteen   0928 699 9156
   Wilyn       0918 541 7746
   Aileen      0948 833 0486
   Jun           0999 555 7612
 * I will upload decent snapshot photos of the resort after I retrieve my files on our broken Compaq laptop. But trust me if I say, the resort is just about okay. After all, friendly staff and nice people are most important above everything else!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Things I Hate

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Newest Pinoy Pride: Jessica Sanchez and Ashley Robles

Simple Things that Ruins my Day

10 – Forgetting to bring a hanky with me

I don’t feel good if I leave my hanky at home is as pointless as not bringing a penny in my pocket when I leave. Surely I can take it if I have no cellular phone for a day (while I know a lot who cannot live without their iphone even for a second!), but I kind of my day is lacking if I had not brought a hanker chief with me.

9 –  Hanging and collecting of washed clothes

 I love washing clothes. It generally became a relief and an after spa like feeling when I wash clothes. Turning dirty and smelly clothes to a freshly looking one gives me the most refreshing feeling while soaking my hands to all those overflowing basins. But it kind of gives me that awful reaction when I start to hang them outside. I didn’t like the ray of the sun hitting my skin (except when I am on the beach) while  I individually place the clothes like banderas and banderitas on long pieces of strings. It is also a nasty task to do when the rain pours unexpectedly and I have to run outside to gather all (still often wet) clothes. Worst, when I already finished gathering all those unfairly dried clothes; the sun begins to shine brightly! Starts to pour madly again! 
Then I will neatly return the clothes back outside but then rain Huh! The irony of wanting to have good smelling clothes to wear.  

8 – Knowing that there is a cheaper price of the same item I bought on the other store which I got for a higher price

I feel fooled when I bought something that is readily available on other stores which have lesser price than I paid for from where I got it. No matter how OC I am in store hopping just to find the best priced item, I often end up buying the pricey ones.

7 – Truthfully obeying rules but I annoyingly discovered someone was able to deliberately and conspiringly bypass through those rules

That makes me mad. While I obediently stood by the imposed rules some people would just habitually and irritatingly break those just to make their life easier than those who deserve what they got. For this reasons, inconsistencies from the management made me think to just be delinquent and be unprofessional at times. Life sucks and irony hurts.

6 – Buying the wrong size or damaged items

Even for my extreme scrutiny, chances are, I still end up bringing home the incorrect sized item (especially my son’s stuff because he grow bigger daily than I expect) and worst – I will only discover the defect when I am already out of the store (like electronic supplies) .  Though stores are very willing to change the item I bought, it is still a hassle to take time and pay for another fare going back to the store

5 – Overpricing tricycle drivers

I know, I know, gas and oil have unbelievably increased (as expected...) but is it not polite enough that as a tricycle or taxi driver (a public servant it is) it is truly rude to suggest a price more than the allowed fare immediately  after the supposed possible passenger has just mentioned where she’s going. I am aware that if I will be dropped off to a far and remote place (which drivers may not be able to get new passengers as well), I voluntarily pay generously. But it made me mad if I was asked first. Hey, I know how to pay right, so never dictate how much I am going to pay.

4 – Sleepless night because of TV... and Facebook

With our expensive cable monthly bill, I can’t watch a decent and worth-watching program on TV after my son is asleep (supposedly it is my time to take hold of the TV remote and freely watch non-animated and childish TV shows!). I can’t even stay on one channel for a 10-straight minutes because either there is also a nice show on the other channel, or there is nothing pleasant to watch. Annoyingly and disturbingly, for these weird reasons I am awake until 1 or 2 AM. Another useless overtiring activity ‘till dawn is the exploitation of unlimited call/text and internet; since I seldom load, if I had the chance to use the internet, I’d enrol my broadband to unlimited internet. Since the internet connection only lasts for a day or two, I am an obnoxious internet user.

3 – Getting a hanger from another tangled hanger inside a hamper!

I hated sorting and arranging tangled hangers on a basket hamper. Sorting hanger looks easier than it seems, but it irritates me when I am about to hang something and I couldn’t pick hastily as I should because all the hangers are tangled up too badly.

2 – People who forget to return what they barrowed and owe

Who would want someone to barrow from them and never return or pay whatever they owe them? This can surely upset my day.

1 – Meeting an unreasonably judgemental moron

One thing I observed, those who love to talk about and analyze other people are often those who have below average intelligence. They are those person who accomplished nothing in life (generally who have no meaningful jobs or whatsoever) so they tend to spend their time mugging other people by their small useless talks. Like yesterday, I heard a mom horribly describe how fat another mom at school but as far as I can see, that same basher mom is also unevenly stout... talking about seeing a small speck on other’s face, while your own face has bigger dirt piece. Another saying says:  Dumb people talks about other people... Average people talks about events, while wise people talks about the future.


Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol Fever Season 11 >> Colton Dixon Out

           What Went Wrong Colton Dixon?

            This season, two contenders caught my eyes – our Kababayan Jessica Sanchez and a rocker-next door Colton Dixon. Colton has a hardcore hairdo resemblance with AI judge and Aerosmith lead singer, Steve Tyler. In my younger years, Colton would probably one of those guys I would definitely scream my heart out. Of course, he also sings well. I had seen him struggle through tedious audition and cut-offs. His rocker suave style in singing got him to final top 7.  He even cried more deeply than her sister who also a contender for AI but unluckily was not included in the ‘AI cut’ in Las Vegas.
But what did really happened last night? Well, I guess it was Colton’s fault all along. His fans which I suspect are mostly people whom are impressed by his boldness in expressing and delivering songs which are of classy and unfathomable spirituality. But unfortunately, when he over exert to move out of his box and was so ambitious to prove that he is more than a spiritual singer, all things became messy. With his disappointing and unclear rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Bad Romance’, he risked himself thrown out of the competition. I am a self-confess Colton fanatic, but his ‘Bad Romance’ really gone badly to worst! I guess people deliberately didn’t vote for him because of his bothering act. 

                Colton Dixon was out of American Idol that is one reason less I would watch the show. I am glad Jessica Sanchez was safe last time. Or else, I will again end up watching colour-comic cartoons. As for Colton, given the chance to be in top 7 will surely bring opportunities for his singing career. If you’re lucky enough to have an album, I swear I will get a copy of your record and even lead an official fan club in the Philippines provided neither Lady Gaga nor Justine Beiber’s on it! Be a real rock star like Elvis Presley dude, he died an authentic rocker not trying to be someone his not.

*Kababayan check ou this link Jessica Sanchez Nearly Eliminated from American Idol

Thanks to for the picture I grabbed

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol Fever Season 11 >> Jessica Sanchez Nearly Sent Home

Jessica Sanchez, Nearly out of the Season

AI judges Jlo, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson rushed to stage to join Jessica and emotionally announced that they have decided to let Jessica to still stay on game

            I was shock, as well as everyone too was not expecting last night’s result for bottom 3.  It tore my heart out when Ryan Seacrest called Jessica’s name to have the lowest votes. Not everyone was ready to hear about that news, including the 3 respected judges and also world renowned artists themselves. 

            Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler unanimously agreed to use the one and only “Save Vote” authority of the judges. The “Save Vote” by the judges usually is used not as early as this. The fear of losing a valuable contender as early as the contest runs made the judges decide to redeem our Kababayan.

            Me and millions of Filipinos must have breathe well after knowing our fave Jessica will still be able to compete on the next AI episode.

            Thanks to Jlo, Randy and Steve for going up the stage and saving Jessica without any hesitation! Salamat.

*Kababayan is a Filipino word for a person who came from Philippines or same province in a country (whether he is just born not even raised in same country or either/both of his parents have a blood trace of Filipino nationality)
*fave – author’s self made slang for favourite
*Salamat – means Thank you

Thank you Fox TV for the still photos I shot during Jessica's near elimination episode

Saturday, April 07, 2012

What do the Author Think >> Forward to New Tags

An Author’s Thought

Rona’s blogs is under new reconstruction (kind of introducing first of her new feature on ). First the author would like to thank those who try to hop once in a while on her personal online thought (though her posts are often untimely and super delayed). Since the author only uses her blog as a tunnel of expression of her insane thoughts, she didn’t really expect any will read this little net space nor will loyally follow this page. But to those who did and will have to waste time stopping by this blog, she is wholeheartedly grateful to you (whoever you are J  )
From her old usual tags like Showbiz, God, Health, Events, places, Personal Thoughts, and My Diary, the author would like to inform you that she had now classified tags to:

Top list (or perhaps her own personal countdown) which she personally and specially selected. These are listings which she just randomly thought and – Alas! She then suddenly has these unique lists of pick which are both plausible and atrocious in an instant.  (Also read: Simple Things that Can Upset Your Day)

                                Rona’s book reviews she recently read or movie reviews she watched recently mostly over cable channels or barrowed CDs and DVDs. She is also a bit of a movie fan so she usually immediately hop in movie theatres to watch the latest movie but lately, since she has to be accompanied by her 4-year-old-toddler, she would end up getting into mostly animated films instead. But she daringly loves spending money on romantic-comedy movies and action films. She couldn’t help cry on movies with which depicts pain and heart-drenching movies. 
 These are posts which are direct from Rona’s randomly weird thought. She is oftentimes been misunderstood by her too opinionated reckless big mouth, she psychologically bury things and spend moments through blogging her anxieties instead. She has fearless comments and observation on almost anything and everything, whether heckling a showbiz personality, applauding a modern-day hero, calling out for someone, or just about anything that comes from her mind. Call her crazy but she will sanely write about her thoughts. (You might want to check out: American Idol Fever >> Colton Dixon, Pinay Power, Jessica Sanchez )

                Rona is such a desperate travel buddy. The former homebody gal from mountainous province of Bulacan has aspirations of travelling around places which she has only dreamed of. From simple pleasurable places to those of widely talked about hot spot. Things, persons and events she has observed lately will definitely be seen from her window view. 
 These are blog posts from Rona’s past’s blogs and previous (but unforgotten) experiences. Her history may be of old age but re-uploaded blogs or real-life-changing incidents which might give readers possible meaningful insights about life, realization, warnings and even seeing goodness in people. 

Pictures she has taken from her low end Nokia 6300 cellular phone and/or Canon PowerShot S60 camera; which are either uniquely or ordinarily selected by Rona, herself, which she just accidentally, inspiringly or may be stupidly wan’na share.  

So, if you visit again and find things a bit different, blame the author. It’s her and her not so brilliant idea messed everything up. No need to be violent about it, you can tell her all the stuff you want, or maybe she would still be happy to read basher’s comments!

Thank God, I had to end this blog entry; I can’t stop giggling addressing myself in third person, as if the author is a different person. After all, it’s my blog and I rule in here! I can do and write pretty much stuff I wanted (lol)!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

American Idol Fever Season 11 >> Another Filipino on the Rise

A Warm Blooded Filipino -Jessica Sanchez

                I hadn’t much religiously watched American Idol since Kelly Clarkson blew me away with her awesomely powerful voice and William Hong’s stardom flight in his hilariously natural satirical version of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”. I did also follow AI, when our fellow Filipinos Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco made it to the final 12. 

                Since I stay at home to watch over our son, I had all the time in the world to watch American Idol (even watch reruns all over again). AI made the show more interesting to watch when another talented Filipino contender Jessica Sanchez made it to top 12. 

                During the America-wide-search of American Idol at San Diego, I already noticed Jessica Sanchez and Ashley Robles' Asian-like beauties and over the top voices. I had this inner inkling that these girls must be a pure Filipinos or may be mix. My suspicion grew stronger when they impressed me with their incredible singing talent, more like a Filipino artist can carry out. Of course, it all came out and I was right. Both are true talented Filipinos. But unluckily, Ashley was sent home but Jessica was still able to showcase more of her talent. Jessica Sanchez? News spread rapidly confirming that she is indeed a true talent-blooded Filipino. Well, kind of more like a mutated artist, with her half Filipino singing gift and another half Mexican cheerful attitude – she is a total package.  

                Filipinos are totally the most bonded and family oriented people all over the world. The failure or victory (in this case Jessica’s fame) of one Filipino affects greatly the whole country.  It seems as if all of us are also recognized same way our fellow countrymen did.  Jessica Sanchez’s achievement in AI feels like it’s also our triumph. We can be more proud than ever that it seems all 3 AI judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler are hands-down with her singing ability.

                 To Jessica, thank you for giving your fellow Filipinos for another reason to be confident   and be proud of our brown and warm-blooded Filipino skin. ‘Ako ay lahing Pilipino, Kayumanggi ang kulay... at di ko ito ikinahihiya.. ikinararangal ko pa ito’

‘Ako ay lahing Pilipino, Kayumanggi ang kulay... at di ko ito ikinahihiya..’ – I am a Filipino, though I have no fair complexion... I am not ashamed of it...Instead,I am truly proud of it!

Thanks to:
ET and Fox TV for Jessica's photo. (I just took it from my personal phone while watching one of ET's episode)