Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bora, Bora, Bora!

September 4, 2006

Bora, Bora, Bora!

My best friend at AFP sent me a text message asking me to pray for her and the rest of her family for an interview with the US embassy. She also reminded me that it was our 2nd anniversary for the very 1st adventure we had together at Boracay, Philippines. That‘s how sentimental my by best friend is.. She is really good in remembering dates - Important dates! For her September 1 – 4, 2004 are important dates to remember. I guess she treasure it as if it’s like a wedding anniversary or a birthday. Well, you might find her a little weird but I guess it has been indeed a very important event in our life together.

Short Term-Memory-Loss

I even had the hard time remembering the dates me and husband’s FIRSTS. He always emphasizes that I have to take note of all those stuff! Weird! I am now thinking - did I got married with my best friend?! Hahaha!

Mac has to always remind me that I have to remember dates such us the day we became boyfriend and girlfriend, our weekly prayer time, our wedding day (okay, for married couple - that’s a must!), and … there are times he will ask me strangely about our first kiss?!

I am now super concern on having a very good memory plus I alerted all my phonebook, schedule organizer, and phone alarm, in case I still forgot about all the dates which my husband and I agreed to remember and cherish..

I guess that’s why we always have the reasons to celebrate together.

It may sound obviously corny and cliché but yes, it keeps us deeply in love and happy together.

The Main Title?! Where’s the Borcay Part?!

Ohh, before I forgot… I titled this blog Bora but I got lost writing stuff about our Boracay adventure. Just take a look on the places, people, food, adventure, and even our craziness to pose in two-piece bathing suit (oozing with guts, hehehe). Those pictures was our get away adventure at Boracay, Philippines 2 years ago. Enjoy the pictures! Ignore the faces, hehehe.

Cyn is right at all. It is a celebration to remember. Boracay, Philippines has been an exciting place for us so… starting next year; I’ll include September 1 – 4 as our FIRST BORACAY ADVENTURE!


By the way, before I forgot everything completely (I told yah, I have short-term-memory-loss hahaha!)… Congratulations Cyn! Your family would obviously get that US VISA. Extend my warmest regards to Tita and Tito (though I’m used to calling your dad Col. Ablir, hehehe). God bless and whenever you decide to leave the country – Vons Voyage! We may not know it, may be our next adventure would be Thailand’s beaches or Spain’s hotels/resorts!

I am Back with my new

After I dropped my Family name from being a Ms. Bacani to Mrs. Formoso, I was not able to update my existing blogs. Especially the sequel stories I used to write before. And many of our blogmates are asking me to post for another story (though I may always post it as ‘anonymous’, which I think a few only knew that I wrote it).

I may have been busy adjusting to my new role as a ‘wifey’ so I kind of a little stopped from visiting my blog and friendster account (yes, it’s too childish and ‘baduy’ to admit but yes I do have a friendster account too!). I used to enjoy reading, posting comments and uploading my blog before. I often do it during break time and sometimes in between a stressful time of the day at work or at school. It’s more likely enjoyable to receive a feedback, compliment and even criticism from net surfers and other bloggers too. I superbly missed it!

‘Kaya eto na po…‘

*pls. also visit my new blog site at where I’ll write new stories, poems and songs. You’ll definitely enjoy my new original stories…