Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rainy Days...

Why is it that God allowed person to cause pains and frustrations in my life?

Even how much I tried to be nice and understanding, people are still cruel... why there are cruel and insensitive people?

Will God punish them for causing rain in my life?

why do it have to rain?

Rain, rain go away
Com again another day...

perhaps, please never come back again...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Heart's Request

I am not a fanatic listener of DZAS online broadcast over the net but my husband usually opens it so while I was checking on my friendster account and writing my blog at www.discovermindanao.blogspot.com (which I do simultaneously. that's the magic of multi-tasking bro! haha!)...

'been listening to music they played there. This song struck me and I realized that the words in the lyrics perfectly fits what I wanted now and what I do feel now. So I hurriedly searched the lyrics for this Brian McKnight song.

Here it is...


by Brian McKnight

Thinking back when we first met
I remember what you said
You said you'd never leave me, yeah
I let go oh of you hand
Built my castle in the sand
But now I'm reaching out again
And I'm not letting go till you

Hold me, mold me
Sometimes I feel so all alone, hmm
See I gotta find my way back home
So why don't you
Shape me, make me, wash me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way back home

Master upon my knees I pray
I just wanna be the clay
Hmm put your arms around me, yeah
Place my life in your hands
Lord I know I'm just a man
Know you understand
This time I'm not letting go, till you

Anoint me, appoint me
Sometimes I feel so all alone, oh
See I gotta find my way back home
So why don't you
Chastise me, baptize me
Wash me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way..

Cause I'm lost and alone
I've been wandering long enough to know
Humbly I search for you
And I'm not gonna rest till you

Choose me, use me
Sometimes I feel so all alone
I am on my way back home
So why don't you
Direct me, bless me
Wash me whiter than the snow
I am on my way back home

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting Showbizzy...

I always see to it that I open our tv to watch Wowowie every lunch time on weekdays. If I won't, surely someone will really be hysterical. This is one of our son's favorite local shows, right after he watches 'Pilipinas, Game k n b?'. He truly loves Edu Manzano everytime he asks the famous lines: 'Game ka na ba?'. Our 1 year old son would respond at the top of his voice, 'Ahhhh!' (while raising one of his arms or throwing both arms on air). We loved this kid. He surely knows how to recognize persons he likes on tv. Even seeing Mr. Manzano on on of his coffee creamer, bank and condiments advertisements, our son would react happily pointing at Edu. I surely like Mr. Manzano too. He knows how to hosts a lively show without getting too 'bastos' nor sarcastic. He is one educated, elegant (but 'makamasa'), and modest celebrity.

Unlike Willie Revillame... Yes, I have pointed his past mistakes before... and yes, he's one of my favorite persons to heckle. It's not because he's unlikeable, but I just don't understand his mixed character and attitude towards work and towards he's co-workers. Though I have to admit that if he's not in the show (like now, Randy Santiago's hosting today in replacement of Willie while he's on leave). I miss him. Honestly, he's enjoyable to watch while hosting the show. He perfectly knows what to ask audiences' life experiences and comments to be authentically touchy and very Filipino way. I hate to say it but, kudos to you Willie!
Now, here comes the issue. Whom do you like better? Willie or Joey? To weigh... I'd like Willie better than Joey de Leon. But it doesn't mean Willie's a lot better than Willie. 'Gulo noh?', here's t points to consider about my very blurry statement:
  • Joey is educated than Willie
  • Joey has proven a lot of things by numerous awards
  • Joey has been in the showbiz long before Willie appeared
  • Joey is more sarcastic than Willie
  • Joey is more 'pilyo' than willie
  • Joey is a good family man, never he was intrigued by not being a good dad and husband
  • Joey is more professional than Willie. One question to ABS-CBN Management-- How much power does Willie Revillame holds from his show? Does he have the obligation and power to kickout of the show or invite/build an artist in the show? Is he a host or a part of Management team? Remember Lara P. Quigaman's case? It's poorly decided and acted upon. Did ABS-CBN did anything? Poor Ms. Quigaman, she did her best at work but she was misjudged and punished unreasonably
  • Joey has never corrected/criticize any of his co-host and co-worker (like willie, he would correct and arranged the show on a live tv, not thinking that it is professionally uncalled for because it will emphasize that certain persons on the show did not researched and do his job well. Willie might have done it before the show or right after the show which nobody's watching. He's such a perfectionist 'na wala sa lugar'. He doesn't know how be professional. That thing he has to earn, learn and know first.)
  • Joey can bad mouth anyone he dislikes and anyone whom he questions it's sincerity.While Willie he could be respectful(which sometimes I question he's sincerity) enough to say good things even it obviously hurt him. (Like Tony Gonzaga's desicion of leaving Eat Bulaga for ABS-CBN contract, Pokwang, ABS-CBN Management when Eat bulaga decided to leave ABS-CBN, allegedly libelous writer who tripped a story about Eat bulaga's show abroad and more)
  • Willie has low comprehension compared to Joey (does education count? I don't think so...). One time an e-mail message was sent to Willie stating the grossness of showing audiences taking a pee break during a live show of Wowowie. Willie then made a heart touching speech about how he loved all Filipino viewers of Wowowie by giving them break and not letting them wait a pee. His speech was nonetheless nonsense and out of context argument towards the said e-mail message. He obviously doesn't get the point of the person who sent the message. If it were Joey I think he must have understand it better
  • Willie's anti-women. Example if the Ms. fitrum candidates' answers questions regarding pro-active women, women on top or women following certain principles... Willie would react negtively and comment sarcastically. If it were Joey, he will surely respect women who are independent and can stand up by its own. It's evident why Joey's long time wife Eileen still supports Joey against all odds because he is such a gentleman and sees women as equal as men not as just a plain supportive wife
  • and you can add more (whether you are pro or anti Joey/Willie)
One thing I'm sure, our son loves Wowowie so we kind of like the show in too. Including Willie... We just hope Willie will know what to say, do, and plan next time. A lot of people looks up at him, that includes our son

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

Picture Perfect? (Rap was 2 months old then)...