Friday, January 28, 2011

Worst Interview Questions I Flunked Answering!

'Spent more than 8 hours a day on this work space'

 Actually, job interviews are not really hard questions. They are just questions with which either relates with what you wrote on your resume or basically questions that just exemplify your character as a worker and as a person.
Common questions during interviews (which I easily and impressively persuade interviewer, brag brag brag lol) are:

*      ‘Tell me something about yourself.’ Or ‘Describe yourself’
*      ‘What is/are your strength/s’, followed by ‘Your weakness’
*      ‘If we’ll hire you, what would you do with the company’ or other interviewers may ask ‘What is your edge against other applicants’ or tactfully statement may vary like ‘What would you offer the company’
*      ‘Why would you like to work with our company’ or ‘How did you know about the company and the vacancy’
*      If it’s not your first job, most likely interviewer will be curious, asking you ‘Why did you left your former company’
*      ‘Have you been in the situation where you have hard time dealing with your boss or co-worker or may be a friend or a family member ’, testing if you are a anti-social person, harhar. Be careful in answering his. Or best, if you have had past difficult times with difficult people; just pretend that you hadn’t ever experienced it in your entire existence
*      And more!...
I easily responded to those questions without a wink! Those were easy for me not until the following questions were asked from me few weeks ago. It was a disgrace!
First: An interview with my background investigator. Aside the fact that the  our company’s private investigator had hard time setting schedule for my interview, I was damn bored with his background check questions. (like who’s my father, mom, my siblings and their spouses’ names- I don’t even know their real first names!, etc.). Then suddenly a familiar but unanswerable question popped out on my investigator’s mouth: ‘Who is your best friend at work?
‘Oh, God! (I had few moments of silence) This is an easy question but I am not able to answer.’
Again the investigator asked me, he must be thinking I wasn’t able to hear him.
So, I hurriedly answered him any name then. I thought of Silver’s name. The most silent and proper gal in the MIS Tech office. She may probably not mind if I’d use her name as my best friend. After the interview, I can’t still get over with that question. A lot of questions lingered on my mind as I ride on a bus going home. Why didn’t attached myself to my new co-workers? Why did I suddenly stop having one true best friend? Am I traumatized with my past close friend? oes Silver Mae consider me as a good friend?... And the questions goes on….
Another tough question I had ever heard was:

During an interview for my regularization, a question which I never thought would be asked by our company president

'26 Years from now, and your son is getting married in a few minutes; As the mother of the groom, what would the legacy in form of advice would you want to share to your son?'

Darn it! I lost it! I blew the one question which I may possibly impress our company president! I totally flunk to grab the once in a life time chance to have a face to face talk to a person like him, but I blew it off! It was a damn hard beauty contest-like question. However I confidently answered from my heart,
            ‘I would hug my son and tell him that I love him and he I am not really asking him to be rich and to be materialistically successful, just enough to be a good Chritian and live a simple life doing everything in God’s glory; the way we (his dad nad I) raised him… ’
But, sadly, Mr. President was not satisfied with my answer. He rephrased the questions and stated example of advices himself. He wanted me to assume that all my future dreams were already accomplished and I have to boast it to my son as an example. I get his point but I was afraid that I would be looking like a too mended-air headed, boisterous and too pre-assuming mom in that case. I told him respectfully,  ‘I can’t,  I would totally sound so-pre-assuming if I would do that. Unlike you, you are already an accomplished person, so it is easy to be proud of your won true accomplishment…’ 

Then he told me to just have confidence. He then followed up more questions regarding on what I wrote at my resume. The interview was over but not me thinking (‘till now!) about the beauty-contest-like question. 

More depressing, a co-worker was also asked same question and he is proud that he answered it satisfyingly. Hays, asar. Feeling ko ang bobo ko tuloy! I had faced and talked tomost of our country’s  prominent people from government and other private companies like Ping de Jesus, former Sen. Salonga, Sen. Loren Leagarda, and even businessman tycoon Henry Sy… but I had never tongue-tied like that before!

If you are to be asked with that question? How would you answer it?  = (

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Feel... Yellow

Connect Yellow With… My Amarillo

I am definitely not Pro-Cory, though I am deeply saddened when she passed away. And I am a bit fan of Kris' annoying tactlessness (a thief hates another thief ey? lol); it’s not enough to say that I liked yellow then; nor because of my jaundice skin. Yellow, since the Bio Man days, I feel like Yellow 4 perfectly fits my description. (Those who do not know about what I am mumbling about, never mind; Panahon ko’to hehehe). Another reason why I love the color yellow is the bright color which makes me happy (instead of pink and purple?! I find these colors as too girly for me which I have hard time pulling clothes in these shades). For me Yellow glows that it draws a happy and gleeful mood on me. Whenever things are not going my way, I’ll just wear something yellow or eat something yellow (like mango or cheese ice cream with pancakes? Mmmp, sarap!). Everything will be fine

But have you ever heard the idiom, “I feel yellow”? People who I heard say this phrase is too darn down to be jolly and too stubborn to be with. Totally the opposite of how I thought I knew yellow.

The day I Felt a Different Shade of Yellow

 Have you ever felt once in your life too sad and too depress that you think no one will be able to cheer you up and no body will ever understand how you feel? It’s to damn stressful. The feeling is totally unexplainable. All you did was cry; shed a tear and a long silence.

This is how I felt a different Yellow. I feel feverish Yellow. Unusual color shade of color Yellow. I feel yellowish….

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking Back @ My 2010

2010! Ah, what a year it has been. Nothing melodramatic happening  nor joyously applaud-able  achievements; 2010? A bit quite boring and unsatisfying year it was. Though some happy moments and laughable occasions I may remember. 

To start with, as the 2010's first quarter ends, it was a bit troublesome (and somehow depressing) for me. This was one of the not so nice instance of my life. 'Had to deal with difficult students at NDMU (oh, I regretted to have handled Thesis and graduating students, lol). The next quarter 'till December 2010 has been quite a ride: had to go through petty struggle with my husband and Aunt-in-laws' relationship, had to adjust to new working environment and new culture, and has to  realize who were my true friends are (some who I thought were important to me and I to them were *lost, some gained and now I am really careful, and there were those who remain and are as sturdy as an oak).

I know you are not interested with what are the major stuff happened to me last year (but here it is anyway):
 >> Gave up teaching and moved back to hands-on IT stuff at KCC Property Holdings Inc.
 >> Had to deal with my fear (secret, not related with my fear of rats though)
 >> Attended my best friend's wedding 
 >> Transformed myself into dressing up ( and I bravely wore contact lens! Blue, that is)
 >> Gave Dad nice gifts (first time in our marriage, I saw him very satisfied with the gifts I gave him; of course nothing beats Rap as my best gift ever lol)
 >> Asked my youngest brother to try life here in Mindanao
My 2010 will not be as exciting as it is without the following to thank to:

To Joanne, at your young age, you inspire me to become a better person for Christ

Auntie Letty, a woman of patience and virtue

Auntie Celia, a woman of strength and generosity   

 Jen, you showed me that I can still put my head up even when everything seems falling apart 

 To  Janine and Jay, who encouraged me to be joyful, be content and maximize what I currently have

To Mamang, Papang Ate Elaine and ate
kayo na po nagging pamilya ko mula ng pagka-bata; Sana madinig nya na ang mga hinihingi nating healing and blessings. Salamat po

Lola, I love you. May distance will not be a hindrance to show my love and gratitude to your love and guidance

To Bhel, my best friend and whom I see as a beauty queen in distress; I will always be here for you no matter what; I am ready to fight your own fight.

To Daneelyn, who share same blissful wifely and motherly duties; and who unconsciously had blessed me well with her effortless words of encouragement;

To Baby Tonette and Ms. Melissa, whom I always ask God to give them their silent prayers; may it come true this coming 2011!

To Kathy Kathy and  Josef , whom I just seldom see online, has put a smile on my face even in few minutes of conversation; hoy! Mag-asawa na kayo! lol

To Arman , who I am grateful for keeping my heads up again for taking courage to tell the truth and showing me that I am worth much more than I know of myself; you brought back my self confidence

To Col Galido, whom I always look up to as the best boss ever!

To Ate  Emy, or kindness and generosity without asking anything in return; Kudos to you!

To Cynthia, who finally had granted her silent prayer of finally finding herself a partner in life; all prayers of love and healthy baby to come

To Sharon, Carl, Helen, Richard, Liah, and Misyel, nice seeing you last June; you made my 2010 a nostalgic year for me; Seeing you made me miss AFP more

To Maria Lourdes (which Rap fondly calls her Meme), your sincere and absolute friendship is superb and endearingly treasured; I couldn’t ask for such respect and honor you made me feel

To Princess and Joy, who made me see the reality that not all shinny and glittery objects are genuine gems; thank you for that valuable lesson

To Ma’am Susan for the open arms and ears when I need someone to confide in; it’s an honor knowing you

To BSIT 2010 NDMU Graduates, thank you for honing my patience and inner strength 

To Ma’am Brenda, Ma’am Maui, Glenn, Sir Ludger and to all students/co-workers at NDMU that has been a part of my wonderful, though at times lowly times of my 2010, Salamat po

To my new found friends at KCC,
Erma and Girleen, who quietly taught me to wait patiently and be humble; these two, left a mark a virtue of friendship
Ivan, for bridging an opportunity for me to meet wonderfully unique people like:

Sir Ramon, a true leader to look up too, gentle yet can tame a million lion with his discreet  ways; I would not be afraid to be called ‘Christian’ if not with his prudent ways; a modern day Paul, close to God’s heart 

Sir Dennis, who is far more loyal and is well trusted with the talents entrusted in him
Sir Alain, who taught all of us patience, understanding and doing more than the best we could offer without expecting too much in return

Silver, who is never tired of exercising her duty as my friend,

Anna, who has annoyingly share common traits with me

Ronnel and Jessie, who became seasoning to my usual days at work

Engr. Earl, had seen his ardent  and uncorrupted dedication to God's ministry
Rex, who left us without bidding a proper goodbye to me, who sheepishly tame every lovely lady

Sir Roger and Sir Paolo , in spite of their achievements’ still remain meek and lowly; I salute your admirable character

Joshua, who I never figured out why he loves the color black, and who is boyishly and lovingly fine-looking guy next door

Marlon, who do all tasks with commitment and love but still remain quiet

Sir Jim, if there's such a "Breakthrough Artist Award "in KCC, I must say he might have won that award

Jeff, Ma’am Cherry, and Jane, who laughs and gossips with me every juicy news and unsettled topics (whether it may be corrections of proper grammar, an actress in distress or work-related topic)

Ma’am Lala, who I see as very intellectual person
JR, who I always described as courageously bold (aside from his physical built, hehehe) and gallant with his sword-like words; fearless though convincingly full of conviction,

Renz and Paul, who both shows what the late famous genius Ernie Baron ‘s brainpower

Jaime, a former co-coffee addict and now a convert

Eugene, for teaching how to value responsibility towards family and extending his patience regardless of instances and sharp words he receives

Ma’am Jesse who bravely speaks her mind regardless of what others may think but instilled motherly advices to all;

Ma’am Chiu, (definitely not Kim Chiu, no,no,no!) for the good example of  kind-heartedness and positive outlook in life which you unconsciously inspire me to be a better Christian

Zarla, for the bratty but funny stories of her childhood
Jeffrey and Arce, for the effortless encouragement you taught me to support and appreciate my husband’s love of adventure (@ Azariel for having the unique and weirdest name which I had ever heard, next to my son’s Raph)

Clieff for the wacky and witty acts and tagline which makes my stay at KCC a very lively one (who understate the use of word “existence” even before Bb. Pilipinas Universe Venus Raj did)

Some of my new KCC Family
And to Jeffer, Gerald, Ma’am Mergie Rose, Sir Dexter, Raymond, Sir Cyrus, Sir Chito, Ma’am Agnes, Ma’am Mariecarl, Sir Domeng, Ma’am Cathy, Sir Rei, Ma’am Lorna and to all who (*who I can not recall their names as of this time but I am pretty sure I come across with you everyday of my life at work) had become part of new life at KCC family, you all actually made something out of me far from what I am originally am. Daghang salamat kaayo.

To my Pastor Sam, Ma’am Anne, Ma’am Ethel, and all my family at Capital Alliance Church, thank you for enriching and reminding us of our spiritual responsibility.

To my adopted family, who demonstrated care and helped me perform my responsibility as a wife, a mother, an aunt, a sister in law, and a daughter in law as well; Kay Kuya Jo, Ate Che, Tala, and Mama Puring, thank you

 Mama Luming, I salute you for your unconditional love and faith in God 

To Rap, thank you for the smile and laughter you gave us. You are our best treasure of all.

To my hubbyness, Mac (or Rai as most of our new friends calls you) who literally stayed when I am not in my normal self, who joyously enjoy my boring company, who selflessly takes care of me and Rap, who kept his promise to God and to the law. Thank you.

And of course to my All-Mighty-Creator, Savior and Guidance Counselor – my Lord God Jesus Christ, Salamat po ng sobrang sobra sa pabor at  pagmamahal.

 *Lost means not physically lost but relationship wise, I may not be happy related with them in any way. I do not consider them enemies but I could be civil with them = (

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Young Modern Hero

Hero is often associated with "Superheros" like Superman, Spider-man,  or if you are less of masculine you might think of Wonder-woman (or if your a Filipino most likely Darna will pop up your expectantly, lol). But we have real life heroes like those humanly and real life men who literally saves life like our fearless firemen, brave protectors soldiers, peace loving policeman, dedicated teachers, and if your a Filipino you will probably expect on the list: well, OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) who work hard abroad just to send money to their love ones back in the Philippines.

Just yesterday, I read a news on yahoo about an Australian boy named Jordan Rice who unselfishly prioritized his brothers safety versus his own life. During the massive flood on Australia, the two brothers were rescued by a team but the boy asked the rescuers to save his younger brother first before him. But it was too late before it's his turn to be saved. What's so amazing and unbelievable is that according to Jordan's family, he has great fear of  water. He does not know how to swim at all. But despite of his own weakness and fear he conquered it over his love. His family explains that they could not imagine how troublesome and tragic Jordan went through while drowning to death.

Blake, his brother must probably remember his brother's selfless act through his life.

Jordan Rice, 13-year-old Australian boy a tragic-hero

Jordan, wherever your are; you are an inspiration. I know that your have a good life now with God; I wonder what would make the world if all people were selfless as you?

To read more about about the boy who conquered his own fear just to save his brother at

Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Our Typical Christmas Cantata (CAC's Christmas .. A Celebration of Faith, Hope, and Love )

Capital Alliance Church
CHRISTMAS.. A Celebration of Faith, Hope, and Love..
(A Musical Concert)
26 December 2010
@ Capital Alliance Church, Marbel, South Cotabato
Rap, singing with choir using his hand as his mic 

It has been a family fair to always attend Christmas Cantata on our church. For 5 years of our marriage, we haven't missed any Christmas concert (not that in that 5 years, it's coincidently my husband was the narrator. lol) But last Christmas was way different. Though, every concert, it’s filled with wonderfully rehearsed voices and creatively designed choir formation, last December 26, 2010 was a bit unique. It’s a bit not a typical choir at Capital Alliance Church.
Cantata starts with famously sang Christmas song, "Noel"

Together with Rap, Mama Luming, and Tala, we arrived early that night, as Pastor Sam reminded us during morning service to come on time for the Christmas Concert.  Truly, our pastor has not dismayed us. Seeing those sophisticated and well-designed choir costumes and star quality make-up (by Jared Palmejar,; yes, they did hired a stylist consultant), I might say, I expected the choir presentation to be somewhat classy. Again, I was not dismayed with my expectations. 

Testimony by Mrs. Rosie D. Montiel, followed by Yzel Arias and Ptr. Samuel Timogtimog
Solo, performed by Kim Timogtimog; "The Baby"
For those who was not able to witness the Christmas Cantata, you missed:

5 – Elegantly styled choir members (which I had hard time recognizing who’s who, they were put on their make up fabulously)
4 – Fascinating Lighting and sound effects
3 – Surprisingly elegantly designed change costumes
2 – Astounding Acrobatic Acts blended on each Christmas Carol
1 - Touchy and true to life testimony (though some of the choir member’s testimonies were not clear because you can feel the speaker’s nervousness and husky but crooked voice)
Offertory intermission in old familiar Christmas song medley; nicely played violin by two siblings
But what I like most was the Musical Concert’s voice over. He must have perfectly practiced every line he read. A clear and inviting voice hovering over and in between the choirs songs was perfect! (ofcourse! Not that my dearest hubbyness did that part, lol)
Caught on the Act! Busy behind spotlight, Engr. Rainer Paul R. Formoso and Miss SharonPeralta
Though it’s sad that people started to arrive on the last part of the choir presentation, they missed a lot of costume changes, acrobatic acts (which I suspect they also imported a choreographer outside church), delightfully solo acts, touching testimonies and endearing jolly but soulful music; all in one night!
Sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy well the Cantata, I have to run after our little Rap outside Church
Other Acknowledgments:
Production Mgr >> Rev. & Mrs. Samuel Timogtimog
Musical Dir.      >> Mrs. Perlyn Joy Enriquez
Choreographer >> Jed Bagius
Stage Mgr.      >> Engr. Doroteo Ines, Jr.
Advertisement & Promotion >> Rev. SAm Timogtimog
                                                 Edmund Francisco
Program          >> Petronio Cagas Jr. & Kurt Buen Timogtimog
Decoration      >> CYP & Ptr. Herculine Payot
Lights & Sound >> Mrs. Neptali Tamaro & Engr. Rainer Paul Formoso
                             Mr. Don Cagas
PowerPoint Presentation >> Michael Joan Ines & Jeffelyn Marie Ines
                                           Kurt Buen Timogtimog & Sharon Faith Peralta
Costume   >> Jared Palmejar
Food       >> Mr. & Mrs. Doroteo Ines Jr.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Philippine Farmers: Best and Worst Profession of All

While watching  Ka Tonying's fearless comments and personal opinion on Umagang Kay Ganda this morning about, I totally agree every points he says. It's as if he thinks through my rationale mind and speaks through my brave/opinionated  mouth (which always I always know, I always get me into trouble, all the time! lol).

In other countries, farmers were viewed as rich and fine living individuals whose government treasure them as their countries' best professionals. Here in the Philippines, most farm owners (most especially the tenants/'trabahador') were one of the poorest of poor. Though they produce the basic commodity of every Filipino, they do not enjoy same privilege of eating a nice plate of meal: worst they may have not enjoyed a good life most of professions which does not relate with agriculture (for your information, agriculture is Philippines' largest industry, but, hell the life of these farmers ). If only Philippine government must have prioritized these farmers. Government will just take a glance on these farmers if they are already suffering death (or not care at all) when media comes in. Where are those promises these politicians promised go? Before elections, there a tons of politicians promised good life, good governance and good agricultural system. Pero asan na ang pangako nyo?! It's heartbreaking to see my lolo''s hardship to till the land and nobody in his apo (grandsons) has even dreamt of being a farmer also? Because my uncles and those farmers in our provinces stayed poor. 'Nak ng kamoteng import-import na yan! Sana maisip ng mga politiko at mga nasa gobyerno (I myself worked in the government, I witnessed unfair and corrupt system; though not all , but most) na habang gumaganda buhay nila, me nahihirapan at halos tumirik ang mata sa kakabungkal ng lupa para lang me mapakain sa kapwa Pilipino nila!

To all the farmers, ipinagmamalaki ko kayo.You all deserve a good life more than a company president. Please help me pray that this generation and the next one, farmers will have a better and best life ever.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To Someone I Dearly Love...

Daddy Rai,
     Happy Anniversary!  5 years na tayo, and still counting!

Tahnk you for 5 wonderful years... I love you... This is for you.... For us!

Grow Old With You

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

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