Friday, February 11, 2011

Movie Review: The Illusionist

2006's movie "The Illusionist"

Last night, I was dead bored; I tried browsing through our laptops' folders. I thought of watching few past episodes of Glee (whom Dr. Doogie Houser, MD was a guess actor). Funny, I never remembered the actors name name who played Dr. Houser, but I clearly remembered the show.  As well as those actors from "Wonder Years" and "Ally Mcbeal"; I have known the actors because of what show I first saw them, lol.

1997's Box Office Love story hit, "Titanic"
But as I was half way watching re-runs of Glee, my boredom grew. So I tried opening the file Illusionist. Thinking that the film is a suspense driven film plotted on early century days, (which obviously shows the actors outfit), I have convinced my self that I am prepared to be scared. And   As far as I remembered, the file was in our laptop for a year already but I am not fond of scary movies that I didn't even take a time to open it.  But I did watch it anyway...

All Time Favorite Romantic Movie, "Somewhere in Time"
As the movie started, it didn’t even stimulate my feelings yet. Not until I understood the flow of the story. I never thought, it be a wonderfully, unique and astonishing love story. Not of typical, booing, and irky vampire-human love story like “Twilight”.

The Illusionist is one of the most delicate but wonderfully love tale twist I have ever seen in my life (Of course next to Christopher Reeves and Jan Seymour’s “Somewhere in Time” and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) .  If it should have been promoted well same ad exposure to lame teeny buffer movies like Twilight, it must have gained more audiences more than if “Titanic”.

Overrated but lame Vampire Movie "Twilight"
 The characters were perfectly portrayed, Eisenheim’s character was adoringly matches of real magician’s trait (like of real magicians like David Blaine and our local Erik Mana). Jessica Biel whom I fondly recall her teenage years at 7th Heaven as Pastors 2nd eldest child, was convincingly portrayed a real royal socialite duchess. Meanwhile,  Paul Giamatti  plausibly rendered an innocent, dignified but intelligent officer as  Police Officer Uhl. On the other hand, Rufus Sewell dignified a villain’s role. The ensemble, story, plot, lights, costumes, and the dialogues were flawlessly presented. I was just a bit confused about the magician and the orange tree which disappeared for no reason. I was so dismayed I wasn’t able to watch it on big screen. 

Famous Modern day Illusionist, David Blaine
The Illusionist was wholly and rightly researched and inspired by true accounts in Austrian and European history.  The Characters of Eisenheim and Prince Leopold was inspired by film director Sergei Eisenstein (1898–1948) as the real life first Illusionist (but actually direcor, when film was not yet known), and crown prince Franz Joseph I of Austria.  The crown prince also committed suicide, right after he killed his mistress, which sparked controversy on the late royal empire of Austria. Same tragedy, and media attention ex-General Angelo Reyes suicide and corruption accusations controversy.  

Controversial Suicide of Gen. Angelo Reyes
 In our local dialect, I would say that “The Illusionist” is astig

 I’ll rate it  9 out of 10.

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    the movie is really great

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  3. Stunning movie. The music score was also excellent. I purchased a music CD of this movie as I love all the songs.
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