Monday, July 20, 2009

Lola Techie of Bayantel

You might be aware of the most watched and loved tv commercial of Bayantel. Lola Techie: the bubbly, high tech, and groovy lola.Because of her funny, comic lines and candid-like behavior, everybody fell in love with Lola techie in an instant. The first time I saw this ad, it totally made me fell out of my chair because of laughter. I almost wanted to watch the tv ad instead of the regular soap and programs. From the Camella Housing - "bulilit", to the nice witty Oreo Cookie Ad. Lola Techie is one of my favorites.
But what bothered me was the latest Lola Techie ad, where she is playing an online game. I realized that there is something wrong with the ad. When the game was over, he nagged and stood up violently infront of computer showing disgust to her playmate (or may be the result of the game). It made me realize that it's not wise to let my son see the commercial. Lola Techie is teaching (unconsiously) kids to act unwisely. I do hope parents are also aware of that.
The feeling of appreciation with the ad makes me feel bad now. I do hope those who made the tv commercial was aware of the fact that many children may possibly watching the ad and misunderstand it as "cool attitude".
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