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Surviving the 1st International Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge

Dole and SMI Connived to Survive
Remembering Dole Philippines Inc.’s Attempt to Conquer 1st International Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge


                   It was just like yesterday that Davao had launched the 1st International Boulder Face Challenge on April 29, 2011. The 3-day challenge is composed of exhilarating trekking trail, rigorous biking track and an overall thrilling race. The event was competed by both local and international league of respected adventurers and nature lovers. There have been international companies which are based in the country who gladly participated in the event. They supported the aim of Davao's local government and Department of tourism's aim to not just organize and unite all the adventure loving persons; but also to promote the province’s natural God-given gift breathless view of Mt. Apo’s Boulder Face.

            Dole Philippines Inc.’s Engr. Rainer Paul R. Formoso, Mr. Eric Lubos and joined by Mr. Ramil Villar (as the team’s logistics) accepted to face the 1st ever Boulder Face Race.  Admittedly, the team was then still raw and unprepared for the competition (last minute before the race started , there have been a bad decision of replacing Dole's original racer's line-up). With lack of proper physical and mental preparation, Eric was not able to cope to the challenge half-way due to long hours of rigid biking and running, his legs cramped painfully. Instead of retreating back to the starting line; with Dole Company as his banner, Engr. Rai decided to complete the race even without the recognition ahead of him. Armed only with self-worth fulfillment of completing what has to be impossible, be possible.

Daniel Hill (team SMI) and Rai Formoso (team Dole)
reaching a Check Point on Mt. Apo's trek as one unofficial team 
Even with exhaustion and disappointment,
Dan and Rai still manage to pose with a smile
             Along the way, Engr. Rai met SMI’s Daniel Hill team member (one of Sagittarius Mines Inc.'s director) who in same way was determined as Rai to finish the challenge even his team member has also not survived the race early on. The two then agreed to complete the race together even coming from different teams. Though After strenuous 3-day challenge, the newly created team (though unofficially not qualified as a team and does not compete as a team) finally made it to the end of the challenge. At this point, this is not about the prize nor recognition, but the capability of surviving one of the best adventures of the year!

As the two parted ways, motivated with the enduring race, they have plans to yet participate on the next International Boulder Face Challenge. They will then make sure they are well armed with not just guts, and high spirits but with physical and mental stamina.

SMI's Daniel Hill was so nice and game to pose with Dole's banner

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tabang, The Wonder Dog

A Dog Hero

A month ago, an askal (a Philippine regular dog breed) made it to our country’s national news. Tabang caught everyone’s attention for her heroic act, in rescuing the two young girls from an alleged hit-and-run incident (who truly proved what her names worth, Tabang in Visayan language means help). Tabang’s face now brutally scared and deformed (even TV videos and Newsprint photos has to be blurred for the now gruesome image the dog has after the accident) now in care of Zamboanga veterinary doctors. Zamboanga’s locality even sought help from different NGOs both in the Philippines and abroad for the dog hero’s facial surgery.  Our government even proposed to declare Tabang as our country’s official hero (in line with names of such world famous boxer - Manny Pacquio, People Power Hero – Benigno Aquino, and more alike).

photo from

There are two points I see in Cabang’s story:

© Tabang is such a wonder and a care bear. Everyone wanted to have a dog pet, probably would have an option to lastly choose an askal.of all the dogs I had, my fave was “Jackpot”, a shih tzu. My askal pets were all fine but a well-breed one stand out the most.  Admit it askal are cheap (we can even have them for free!), and low in maintenance to feed and groom (we could feed them anything even our left- overs and we can use ordinary soap to bath them). Now, Tabang and all other untold stories of askals’ heroic act must change all those biasness. After all all men should be equal, as well as dogs too.

© Instead (Aside) from honouring Tabang’s glorifying and faithful act, our government should also push through and strictly impose our existing animal welfare laws. We should also insist in my past blogs, this government should also have laws regarding proper caring, responsible pet ownership and liabilities with all domesticated animals.DOH Secretary if you are busy and hadn’t thought about this yet, now I am calling again your attention. 

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3 Ladies 'Twas

Simple Things in life are Worth Remembering 
College Buddies paid me a visit last January 2012


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Are You Happy With your Friends?

 Toxic Friends
Are you hanging with healthy friends?

graphic by rformoso
I am pretty sure, everyone has been a victim of fake friends (often times or once in his lifetime). These are friends whom you actually see a future of surreal friendship but you realized you are such an idiot of not seeing the obvious signs that you were dancing with the Devil! These are friends you call ‘Plastic’, or infamously known as ‘Tupperware’ or if friends of cheap level we call them ‘Orocan’.  I will give you tips I learned from my past and recent disappointments with detecting, ‘unworthy friends’.
Here are the types of friends you should avoid and spend least amount with:

9 - People Pleaser  (updated as of March 1, 2012)

That’s me also! Meeting a new person makes me a superb Ms. Congeniality. I want to make sure I made the best impression ever. I trust easily and way so transparent. I effortlessly make myself available and I open myself too soon than usual. Which at the end - all the things I said (in good faith) are all taken against me seriously and judgementally

8 – Kamikaze 

 These are you so-called friends who are deliberately unconscious about other people’s feelings. They are not aware of their own clutter and mistakes. They have no regard with rules and regulations as long as they get through it. He literally does not care about anything and anybody as long as he believes in his on crooked point of view. These persons are overconfident in thinking themselves as friend of everybody when in fact they have really no true friends at all. He is a free-lancer friend; you can’t really rely in helping you out but trusts everyone else would do him a favour.

7. Close Minded
These are friends who are negatively close-minded with corrections, suggestions, new ideas and comments. They are deprived with proper intellect and capacity to think the correct argument which what you points out. They are often are unaware of having hearing problems, confusions and delusions.

6– Bossy Nosy 

They are usually well-off but not necessarily rich. They tend to often times treat you out and give you stuff. But beware, when she needed a favour from you, she have major in history and are of good mathematical skills, though she wouldn’t directly remind you of the good things she gave you and nice stuff you enjoy from her;  you tend you bear with her annoying unreasonable snubbing, indirect slavery, and often times bad talk from her.  Hello! You are now, her official nanny! You will notice that she now starts to ask you favour to reach for an object that’s near her or ask you to fetch something along your way even it is too hard for you to. This set up is nice if you too can count on her but nope, she may tend to get bothering reaction if you ask her same favours she asks you.

5 – Ego-centric

These are control freak, only knows me, my, and I, irritatingly inconsiderate, and self gratifying person. These are persons that are not conscious if you needed quiet or fun time if you stress or celebrating for your achievement. They always divert every moment in her life. And another red flag you are friends with an egocentric is that your life is now a formula of ‘Your personal life’ + ’ your family’ + ‘HER LIFE’  = ‘You’. You now constantly know what happened to her life’s update. Conversation often ends up with her as the last sentence.

4– Savings Drainer

She is either rich, trying to be rich or just plain financially challenged person.
A friend from a well off family would generally enjoy classy and expensive things as well as expensive pleasures. If you are not as rich as your friend, you may end up spending more than what you earn and more than your allowance. But if your well-to-do friend is generous enough to let you ride in and pay for all your expenses, you may probably hit the jackpot! But remember, this will not always be the case. Even she pays for your drinks all the time, your taxi ride when you have to meet her and clothes you wear when you go out are all not included in her regular treat. 

Another savings drainer is a social climber (those ‘gimickera’ and ‘ambisosya’) friend who has passion for exclusive parties and elegant things which she can’t afford more than she has. But regardless of financial scarcities, they all find means in getting through the affluent crowd (whether they sell their stuff, take multiple jobs or even risk in taking loans). If you are friends with her, most likely you too will be tempted to do the same. Their motto is “Live life to the fullest” or “Pamper yourself”, even you can’t afford it. 

 Last savings drainer is those you are always financially troubled person. You are enslaved with her personal dilemma in finances and she must have borrowed from you. They often ask for your help and seldom pay you on time or she never pays you at all. The more you help her out, the more she became dependent on your generosity and concern. You might realize one day, you were able to lend her much more than you expected. It’s a good deed to help but make sure you will not be drowning to her reliance on you. Because of her constant money difficulties, you also now are experiencing personal financial mess. Remember, you can help yourself by helping her to be independent and helping yourself first. That is why in airplane safety measures, it is advised that all passengers with dependent individual with them (babies, kids and sick persons) should wear their masks first before putting the baby’s mask

3 – Good Citizen

Be careful of these friends who can never be trusted. They are low self-esteemed gossipers. They are not the brave and good nation heroes but they are those whose sole purpose to live, is be to be a whistle blower. They thought they gain trust and confidence to their friends by squealing every word you say. A good friend doesn’t need to be told that what you are sharing is a secret, if she is wise enough, she should know. She is never aware and concern whether by dropping what supposed to be a sensitive topic or comment, may cause disagreement or misdemeanour. You can spot this type of friend if she always have important stories and news from your common friend, and you always are aware what your other friends tells and think about you because she report to you all the time. She probably must have told them what you two are talking about them too. So, don’t be misguided and tricked by her.

2 – Negavibes

Businessman dislikes these people because they often start a fuss between the employees and management or worst, the misunderstanding will reach to an uprising. In finding a buddy, it is always best to hang out with persons who are lively happy and always see the goodness in life. You wouldn’t want to start your day joyful and end your day with rant because you were bombarded with problems, grievances and complaints to which you have no way and no authority of solving it. Making friends with this person will eat your happy heart out and dry it with torment of negativity.

1 – Back-biters

Opra Winfrey warns us from people who are backstabbers. If your friend bad mouths another person, Opra said, she’ll probably had bad mouthed you from other persons. So, it’s wise to never talk to these persons or never be friends with them at all. Back biters are absolutely judgemental (mostly negative judge arise from their mouth all the time), they are more like a back biter who analyzes everything you say and find mistakes with what you say and do, including your decisions. Their words are hurtful and the way they look at you from behind is like a stubbing samurai.

So there you go; the types of friends you should avoid. 

Friendship is like a marrying someone, you should find someone you are compatible with. If you and your ex-friend whom you invested so much time and trust did not click with each other, keep a keen eye to your next expected future best friend. Check if they can do you good or just stressed you out. It pays well if you hang around with which people you are truly safe with.

Have you spotted one or more of these people? 

Have a nice friend hunting!

Author’s words:
Negavibes – persons full of complaints and grievances; persons who foresee things in negative result
Unworthy friends – they are ungrateful and untrustworthy friends

Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Quitter's Confession

photo by: rformoso@Saranggani, Philippines

Meet Ms. Walk-Out

I am a self-confessed freak.
I am a coward, I only let myself pretend I was fearless. But I am not.
I talk a loud and blurt my voice with fierce words, to protect me from my fear.
I don’t like defeat. I do not want to be corrected. I hated embarrassment.
And if I cannot hide my fear anymore, I give up.
I run away.
I literally walk out of the door.
I am a good escape artist, in any way you can imagine.
I may not be good with breaking locks but I am pretty sure of leaving a place, people, a scene, a stress, a job, a relationship, a friend and even a family if I sense defeat.
I just return in that conflict when fear has already faded.
I am a con in fleeing. And an expert in returning.
I hope one day I can really stay and face the battle even through defeat.
I hope can put my head up high and still modestly accept failure.
Meet the new Queen...
I am Ms. Walk-Out Queen.

Must See Concert This March 2012

Rona’s Must Watched Concert this March

The last time I watched and actually enjoyed a concert was way before I got married and relocated here in South Central Mindanao. Though a lot of concerts both and locals are also showcased here, none of those yet has made my feet giggle in excitement and spend a desperately save for the tickets. This year, I had to miss watching Evanescence! And here comes another must watched Philippine concert tour; like Evanescence, whom I grew up singing along with.

A Visit from a Knight

poster from
I hated tacky romantic music, though this Soul and RnB artist kind of flipped me out through his cheesy lyrics.  He may have dreamy words in his songs but if you listen well, the lyrics perfectly describe what you exactly wanted to express but wasn’t able to put together better than his songs.  Lyrics were simple but has deeper and brilliantly assembled. He is truly an artist not just with an art but with a passion.
Though I had the chance to watched  and follow him on Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity The Apprentice’, which by the way made me more admire him because he is such a gentleman and a man who knows to handle his principles but never got into an awful fight like all other  apprentices who undergoes pressure and annoying situation. He has made me like him more. His firm but subtle, firm but still friendly, strict but still kind and a leader who exactly knows when to follow.

According to Click the City and Wikipedia, Brian is a multitalented artist who can literally play well in nine different instruments and basically belt and sing in wonderfully varied tones. He is has the most number of been nominations in Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Image Awards, MTV, Soul Train and other local awards back in USA.  

He has also previous collaboration with famous artist such Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams, Boyz II Men, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Justin Timberlake, Nelly,  Rascals Flat, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, and the list may go on. Philippine’s Regine Velasquez has also worked with the respected Brian Mcknight; and now on his Philippine March 16, Regine’s talented young singer Angeline Quinto will have the chance to do the duets with the Knight.  So mark your calendars and save the date on Friday at the Araneta Coliseum. The concert starts at 8pm. You can get your tickets at Ticketnet, or call (02) 911-5555.The next day, March 17, a Benefit concert for Don Bosco orphans will follow at Cebu City, Waterfront Hotel and Casino. Call 09173003272 / 09228882142 for ticket reservations. 

Among his popular songs:  Back at one, One Last Cry, Anytime, I Remember You, Super Hero, Evolution of Man and the most recent record which can be perfectly played on weddings is Marry Your daughter.
Missing Brian McKnight Live in Manila Concert would eat my heart out. So you guys, who will all have the chance in the world, please don’t miss this one. 

Bopping with The Hansons

Mmmmbop, badobidop, badooo... Yeheyey...
Mmmmbop, badobidop, badooo... Yeheyey...

Wondering what the heck I am mumbling about? It’s the Hanson’s ever famous song. I remember taping the fun-filled and carefree music video of 3 young bothers. The video as if they were all having fun around and just cosily jamm’n together. I even got their cassette tape and I still play it to this day. I had wished years ago that they would come and visit our country. But worst speculations before (within the uprising of rebels and kidnapping in our country, few artists had the guts to hold concert events here), it has been a gossip they mocked Filipinos as monkey looking people. As a Hanson fanatic, I totally did not belied at all. I remember performing their classic mmmbop song in my English 101 subject as part of Literature activity. My classmates were all nice to jam with me and clap their hands as I perform Hanson’s mmmbopping music.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac formed the jumpy and jolly rock band from Oklahoma. With their youthful looks and jagged  long hairs (who basically re-introduce the appreciation of long hair bohemian rocker look that time), which made young girls scream and giggle with the band. People was impressed of Zac’s drumming skills inspite of his being the youngest and smallest in the sibling’s band; while Taylor was able to handle an up and straight rocker image despite of his handsomely-lady-like feature. Isaac on the other hand has captured women by his quiet and manly gestures while strumming his guitar.

poster from

Hanson Concert in Philippines is presented by Dayly Entertainment, which will rock Araneta Coliseum on March 30, 2012 8pm (tickets can be bought on ticketnet or contact 02 911 55555) and continue the mmbopping on March 31 at Cebu Waterfron Hotel (reserve as soon as possible at nos. 232 6888, 514 3500).