Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missing Willie


I am bit too late for posting something about Willie. Though it doesn't mean I have forgotten how to criticize and heckle his childish and stupidly arrogant ways . (Pardon but I admittedly say those are strong and harsh words. But what can i say? Those were the exact words which 'I' think how i really how he should be described. ) During the peak of Willie's controversial statement at his 'former' lunchtime tv show Wowowie, I never had the chance to heckle him again because I was kind of bombarded with a lot of office work, freelance appointments, and as well as home chores. Plus the fact the we had had a very bad wifi hotspot signal for weeks already. But it didn't mean I forgot to participate those Willie-haters. Correction-not all hate Willie, there were just those who dislikes his ways, his choice of words and his angst (as if he never needed helped from anyone before he enjoys his good name. 'kung maka-correct kasi sya sa mga staff nya parang palengkero na perfectionist na wala sa lugar, as if di pa nakasubok magkamali rin, grrr'). Anyway, even all those odd stuff why i wasn't able to update my blog, I never miss heckling him (hahaha!) . I never miss joining people at FB who want to oust willie out of his show.

Infairness ke Willie, perfect na sana story ng buhay ni Willie eh, from struggling artist who's only aim in life is to be a good provider sa family nya, as well as to become a model tv personallity; especially sa mga ordninary people, OFWs and Pinoy's residing abroad who most loved him for his candid-funny but life touching words and actions he portrays on cam. But with his ARROGANCE, He totally busted it!

Real and True Kapamilya

I wonder what keeps Willie busy right now? I haven't seen him on TV or any new news about his whereabouts. He must still be in self-realization. Come to think of it, people loved him. But there are those who were just waiting for him to commit a very big misttake (anticipating this to happen, even without stating the obvious that this will really happen because of his arrogance even he was still starting), now is their chance - our chance (bwahahah!) . I'm sure sa pagiging tactless nya? Babagsak din sya, gaya ng ibang celebreties na umangat, at anlakas/taas ng pinagbagsakan. Aray, angsakit siguro. Sobra. I am now thinking? How is he? May be he is hurting. At this times, I'm sure marerealize nya who were the real people that he should have trusted and whom he should be been nice from the start. Ang pamilya nya. Ang mga anak nya at mga naging karelasyon na kahit ano pa man ang nangyari, nandyan pa rin sa tabi nya. Si Meryl, na kahit dapat magtampo sa kanya kasi di nya nagampanan ang role nya as a father, andyan pa din sa tabi nya. Nagmumukha na nga syang trying hard sa effort nya magpa-interview. Mahirap sa part nya yun na explain ka ng explain pero di mo sure if people will buy what you are trying to tell them. Atleast, he is still sorrounded by people like Meryl. Kahit me pagkakukulang ang daddy nya, di pa din sya iniiwan. 'Yun ang totoong pagmamahal. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Lesson of the Story

Once I read a shout out on one of 'Oust-Willie' and 'Willie Revillame Haters' on Facebook says, "Speak when you are angry and you will make the best dialogue that you'll ever regret saying...". I totally agree. Sabi ng ng boss ko dati sa AFP when I filed my resignation, "I'll give you 2 months to decide on your resignation before I will approve it. You may just be overwhelemed and so happy on your new married life or may be feel bad about your annoying officemate. WEigh things first. Never decide when your both sad or happy. You will loose your identity, career path and as well as future plans, before it's too late realizing that you made the wrong move."

I miss watching wowowiee because of my new 9-6 work, (lalo na ang SHOWTIME, my showtime hehehe). I miss Wowowie lalo na ang mga wacko hirit nila Mariel at Pokwang, as well as mga tuliro at pasaway na mga audience, participating players at ang minsan magulong sistema ng staff during airtime (hahaha! kaya laging umiinit ulo ni Willie sa inyo eh hehehe)... At si Puppy Willie? Not at all = (