Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tabang, The Wonder Dog

A Dog Hero

A month ago, an askal (a Philippine regular dog breed) made it to our country’s national news. Tabang caught everyone’s attention for her heroic act, in rescuing the two young girls from an alleged hit-and-run incident (who truly proved what her names worth, Tabang in Visayan language means help). Tabang’s face now brutally scared and deformed (even TV videos and Newsprint photos has to be blurred for the now gruesome image the dog has after the accident) now in care of Zamboanga veterinary doctors. Zamboanga’s locality even sought help from different NGOs both in the Philippines and abroad for the dog hero’s facial surgery.  Our government even proposed to declare Tabang as our country’s official hero (in line with names of such world famous boxer - Manny Pacquio, People Power Hero – Benigno Aquino, and more alike).

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There are two points I see in Cabang’s story:

© Tabang is such a wonder and a care bear. Everyone wanted to have a dog pet, probably would have an option to lastly choose an askal.of all the dogs I had, my fave was “Jackpot”, a shih tzu. My askal pets were all fine but a well-breed one stand out the most.  Admit it askal are cheap (we can even have them for free!), and low in maintenance to feed and groom (we could feed them anything even our left- overs and we can use ordinary soap to bath them). Now, Tabang and all other untold stories of askals’ heroic act must change all those biasness. After all all men should be equal, as well as dogs too.

© Instead (Aside) from honouring Tabang’s glorifying and faithful act, our government should also push through and strictly impose our existing animal welfare laws. We should also insist in my past blogs, this government should also have laws regarding proper caring, responsible pet ownership and liabilities with all domesticated animals.DOH Secretary if you are busy and hadn’t thought about this yet, now I am calling again your attention. 

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