Monday, October 04, 2010

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

Okay, I'm back with my blog. Thank goodness I already finished my task at work. Though there may have minor jobs to finish, these two news shocked me while my officemate , Cliff, saw a news video showing Justein Beiber. Allegedly, the hot 16 year old Canadian teen pop singer, Justein Beiber, is a 51 year old pedophile; Michael Cote. Mr. Cote has posed as the teen heartthrob for many years by wearing a wig and convincing rubber mask.
Allegedly, Michael Cote disguised as Justein Beiber?!

Investigators said that the scheme of Michael Cote is seemingly diabolical and could have been the product of a remorseless e-x fiend.

A psychologist assessed Justin Beiber's lyrics, stating that the lyrics have been "innocently suggestive" that would have manipulated underaged girls. 

You can watch the video through this link:,18178/

I don't know if this news is true, but as I've searched through the net about the credibility of The Onion Network News, note, the site has won a Peabody Award in best in satirical site. I guess The news is just a spoof or something... = )

Here's another shocking but unbeleivable news: the most adorable and loveable American sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston, is rumored to have adopted a 33-year-old African in desperation to have a boyfriend?! It is beleived that it was a desperate attempt to escape herself from her brken heart after Ms Angelina Jolie has stolen Brad Pitt's heart from Ms. Aniston. Since Ms Jolie is known to have adopted lot's of kids from other race, allegedly Ms. Aniston's action in adopting Negasi, the alleged 33-year-old African, is just a sweet rebound against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

More detailed news about this new, please visit:,17768/


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  2. I think these are hoax, but The Onion Network News make it sounds so convincingly true...