Tuesday, April 03, 2012

American Idol Fever Season 11 >> Another Filipino on the Rise

A Warm Blooded Filipino -Jessica Sanchez

                I hadn’t much religiously watched American Idol since Kelly Clarkson blew me away with her awesomely powerful voice and William Hong’s stardom flight in his hilariously natural satirical version of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”. I did also follow AI, when our fellow Filipinos Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco made it to the final 12. 

                Since I stay at home to watch over our son, I had all the time in the world to watch American Idol (even watch reruns all over again). AI made the show more interesting to watch when another talented Filipino contender Jessica Sanchez made it to top 12. 

                During the America-wide-search of American Idol at San Diego, I already noticed Jessica Sanchez and Ashley Robles' Asian-like beauties and over the top voices. I had this inner inkling that these girls must be a pure Filipinos or may be mix. My suspicion grew stronger when they impressed me with their incredible singing talent, more like a Filipino artist can carry out. Of course, it all came out and I was right. Both are true talented Filipinos. But unluckily, Ashley was sent home but Jessica was still able to showcase more of her talent. Jessica Sanchez? News spread rapidly confirming that she is indeed a true talent-blooded Filipino. Well, kind of more like a mutated artist, with her half Filipino singing gift and another half Mexican cheerful attitude – she is a total package.  

                Filipinos are totally the most bonded and family oriented people all over the world. The failure or victory (in this case Jessica’s fame) of one Filipino affects greatly the whole country.  It seems as if all of us are also recognized same way our fellow countrymen did.  Jessica Sanchez’s achievement in AI feels like it’s also our triumph. We can be more proud than ever that it seems all 3 AI judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler are hands-down with her singing ability.

                 To Jessica, thank you for giving your fellow Filipinos for another reason to be confident   and be proud of our brown and warm-blooded Filipino skin. ‘Ako ay lahing Pilipino, Kayumanggi ang kulay... at di ko ito ikinahihiya.. ikinararangal ko pa ito’

‘Ako ay lahing Pilipino, Kayumanggi ang kulay... at di ko ito ikinahihiya..’ – I am a Filipino, though I have no fair complexion... I am not ashamed of it...Instead,I am truly proud of it!

Thanks to:
ET and Fox TV for Jessica's photo. (I just took it from my personal phone while watching one of ET's episode)

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