Friday, April 20, 2012

American Idol Fever Season 11 >> Colton Dixon Out

           What Went Wrong Colton Dixon?

            This season, two contenders caught my eyes – our Kababayan Jessica Sanchez and a rocker-next door Colton Dixon. Colton has a hardcore hairdo resemblance with AI judge and Aerosmith lead singer, Steve Tyler. In my younger years, Colton would probably one of those guys I would definitely scream my heart out. Of course, he also sings well. I had seen him struggle through tedious audition and cut-offs. His rocker suave style in singing got him to final top 7.  He even cried more deeply than her sister who also a contender for AI but unluckily was not included in the ‘AI cut’ in Las Vegas.
But what did really happened last night? Well, I guess it was Colton’s fault all along. His fans which I suspect are mostly people whom are impressed by his boldness in expressing and delivering songs which are of classy and unfathomable spirituality. But unfortunately, when he over exert to move out of his box and was so ambitious to prove that he is more than a spiritual singer, all things became messy. With his disappointing and unclear rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Bad Romance’, he risked himself thrown out of the competition. I am a self-confess Colton fanatic, but his ‘Bad Romance’ really gone badly to worst! I guess people deliberately didn’t vote for him because of his bothering act. 

                Colton Dixon was out of American Idol that is one reason less I would watch the show. I am glad Jessica Sanchez was safe last time. Or else, I will again end up watching colour-comic cartoons. As for Colton, given the chance to be in top 7 will surely bring opportunities for his singing career. If you’re lucky enough to have an album, I swear I will get a copy of your record and even lead an official fan club in the Philippines provided neither Lady Gaga nor Justine Beiber’s on it! Be a real rock star like Elvis Presley dude, he died an authentic rocker not trying to be someone his not.

*Kababayan check ou this link Jessica Sanchez Nearly Eliminated from American Idol

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