Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Final 2 Contenders Are:

Subtitle: Filipino and Mexican Pride to Compete the American Idol Finals
Date: may 18, 2012

Yes! Another reason why we should be proud why we are Filipinos. Jessica Sanchez finally made it to the coveted top 2 of the first and largest singing competition in the United Staes of America. Along with Ms. Sanchez, heart rob and rock-crooner Philip Phillips will compete for the title as the next American Idol. 

Sadly, Joshua's votes was not enough to bring him up to top 2. He was once been an under dog but raised himself up which judges noticed as he reached top12. He often belted as if he was a male Aretha Franklin.

Now, that only the finest contenders bids for the title, everyone wonders if it's now time to a Filipino pride to sing her way out to the 'Hollywood' dream. let us all just see about that on the final night...

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