Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day


Date: may 13 , 2012
Title: Best Gift for Your Mom
Subtitle: What Your Mom Would Actually Love to Have

Mother's Day is  much more exciting if you become a mother yourself. Though it has been a great fuss around our home and our community as young child, I am more touched by this month's event that now I am the one who is being greeted and surprised. 

Surprising your is not just as ieasy as buying something tacky or expensive stuff. Here are nice gifts that would truly make your mom smile other than giving your mom just the usual flowers.

5 -   Chocolates... 
* Who doesn't likes chocolates? Surely, whether locally made or imported ones can make every sweet tooth mom smile. Just make sure your mom has no diabetes or else your Mother's Day surprise will send another doubtful meaning

4 - kitchen stuff or things she usually use at home ( like teflon pan, food processor or if you have the budget, washing machine with dryer or a La Germania oven)
* Though it sounds as if you imply more chores for your mom, generally almost all moms are practical. Your Mama will surely appreciate it, trust me!

3 - Treat her out on a date
* Moms enjoy bonding with their sons and daughters whether you go out on a fancy restaurant, bowling or you just prepared a breakfast for her; we are sure to remember these times like these.

2 - Money...
*Though it may sound so, pretty obvious you didn't thought a lot about your gift; let's all be real. Who wouldn't want money? Just make sure your mom would  not take this one the wrong way, hehehe. Just slip a very heart touching and unforgettable card how much you love her so much that you would want her to buy whatever she wants....

1 - A simple but a wonderful hug... And a kiss!
*Though an iPad or trip to Bora would be heaven for us but nothing beats a hug from our son (or for others, daughter or if your blessed enough both). Material and extravagant things makes us happy but remembering us and letting us feel we are important and treasured, the the best of all. But of course it's much more nice if all of the people in the household would always show respect and love always (that we don't have to nag around just to be heard), that would be the best gift ever!

Must see movie this summer:

Comment :
happy Mother's Day Mama! Though we may be the most generous kids some mom's can have; Ina (how we call our beloved mom, or strange at seems we call her 'Inaconda') we love you so much!

Same way, to my Mom in law. You are the best! happy mother's day... And also to my sis in law, Ate Che...

at these times like this, I am missing my Lola Luisa more.... Sob, sob...

Thank to my adorably naughty son and sweet hubby...

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