Monday, May 21, 2012

Dole Banana Dippers


Date : may 21, 2012
Subtitle: Sweet Dole Offerings Made Sweeter in Midst of China's Stand-off

    Desc: Like the famous chips, "You can't have enough in one bite"... This time, it is a healthy treat! At first, taste is a bit different but as you eat more, you will taste more of the perfectly oozing sweet taste of the chocolate and banana. 

    A few days later after reports emerges that China has intentionally rejected (allegedly threw) tons of bananas exported to China, Dole Philippines Inc. distributed boxes of Dole products as prizes to the company's yearly 'Friendship Games'. Surprisingly, a processed banana was included in the pack of give-aways(aside from the usual, different pineapple products). Almost everyone who were able to taste the 'Dole Banana Dippers', are all excited and thrilled with a new twist Dole made with the ordinary Filipino fruit. Coated with well- balanced sweet chocolate, and neatly packed on a classy packaging; it may be a brilliant idea to somehow answer to China's  explicit public expression regading Scarborough Shore dispute. 

    There were students from an international school, Dole Philippine School, who tweeted and posted shout-outs about how crazy they are with Dole Banana Dippers. Surely, parents don't have to be too imposing in letting their children eat heathier food, like fruits. 

    Many of those who were able to try Dole Banana Dippers are hoping that the product will now soon be available in the Philippines as well. 

    Let us all spread about the Dole Banana Dipper in love, and who knows? Dole might be able to hear us...

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