Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2nd International Boulderface Challenge Ends 


Dole Team Finished 18th on the 2nd International Boulderface Challenge!

Hurray! Out of 49 hopeful teams to finish the most extreme and challenging International Boulderface Race, Dole triumphantly completed the race, though the team has had the hard time running after the other topping teams; Dole Team members received their medals with high-spirits and satisfaction. Surely, organizers of the International Boulderface Challenged did not made the race easy. Knowing that only the 'creme of all creme' will answer to the call for extreme challenge, prepared the race with full-packed undeniably with highest degree of test in 4 adventure disciplines(extreme length runnGing, wild water-tubing, stamina beating biking, and the most grueling climbing ever! No wonder why only about 38% of the adventure challenged teams completed the race. (That's how extremely demanding the race is).
With last year's failed attempt to finish the challenge as a team,  Dole Team Avenged This Time Around. With new member Wong's radiating strength and stamina, added with Engr. Rai faithfull determination and Nonoy's willingness; it was a sweet taste of victory to complete the race. The team was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to join and be with the best among best  bikers, triathletes and adventurer around the country. Related Post: Dole Team Back with Vengeance

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