Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to the iPad Generation

In the Name of iPad... Finally, we invested on an Apple! Yes, I am an apple lover, I love the juicily sweet and a tangy sour taste from that fruit but I am not referring to that. If it isn't only Steve Jobs' ingenious mind and untimely death that intrigues me, my hubby wouldn't had gifted me an iPad.   Though a bit pricey, we finally got an iPad! But our excitement was soon hindered by a bit of dismay. Since I am an incredibly good  Microsoft user (ahem...) I can't get the hang of typing and exploring Apple's tech as I usually do in my old Hp Compaq laptops. And here are more few stuff I had hard time adapting from iPad: 5 - Sensitive keys (or monitor perhaps in this case) needs to master more as if you are trying to use your mouse and keyboard for the first time in your life 4 - New strange environment (if you are used to using Microsoft interface, common terms you might know has different terms with Apple's. Like, If you wanted to visit a website, you don't Explorer or Firefox to help you out but Safari may aid you to. And you will find it funny that the 'return' tab on the iPad's keyboard means 'enter') 3 - Additional installation app to access certain sites (it took me many minutes to find out that I need to install a Facebook app just to easily access the site) 2 - Sensitive screen means additional accessory to buy to protect your iPad ( unlike my old laptop, I can easily slip it through my bags.  1- Intellectual property rights issue which turned me off.  Given, iPads have no USB ports, I expected it's built in  Bluetooth technology will help me share data from my phone or from my laptop ( or desktop),  but even successfully paired, I found out that iPad is still firm with it's brand to exclusively share and use iPad related tech alone. Thus, you need to invest more on other Apple tech to extend your ability to share and use your data. Well, despite of the undesirable stuff I get from using iPad, at least this little rectangular fella here comes in handy and I feel a lot classy and definitely wealthy when I bring my iPad with me. Besides, how many virus maker has mastered the art and has targeted  massively Apple's software? At least fewer than  any other famous personal computing system that I know. And all I know from my IT literature, it was Apple who started it all...

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    And if it's not only our son's constant persuasion and innocent request of buying an iPad, we may have ended up going on an out of town trips.

    Yes, surprisingly our 4 - year old son knows a lot about iPads, in same way he crazed about PSP. Every time he sees an iPad ad on tv, he would indirectly wish he could have one ( you read it right, he was only 4years old!) 

    And by the way, does anyone knows how to undo previously erased sentence or perhaps retrieve deleted files
    in iPad?